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Sarantos offers up another melodic rock masterstroke. His sound is here, alive and well, but even more polished. The driving rock abounds, and the lyrics are right on. “Dreamer” is a driving melodious effort with great lyrics. This song sticks in your head. Have you ever known Sarantos to write an outright bad song? He’s always written strong pop and rock melodies and in “Dreamer” he delivers the goods once again.

the cover artwork
the cover artwork

What struck me most about “Dreamer” is it’s more mature sound; this sounds like Sarantos’ ‘coming of age’ song. The music rocks, more than before, and the lyrics are sincerely uplifting. I wouldn’t expect anything else from the Sarantos, but this single sounds like he really is doing what he loves to do. His enthusiasm bleeds into the music. Essentially putting the message across that everyone should follow their dreams and see where they lead, the video narrates the story of a boy who finally reaches for the stars – and with a little help from up above – makes it to his dream girl.

“I feel like all of my dreams are coming true,” says Sarantos. “This rock song has gotten incredible reviews and it’s been rated the highest out of all my songs which is perfect because I’ve always been a dreamer. There’s no doubt about that but I’ve always worked hard to get what I want and nothing’s been handed to me. I’ve never been scared of work. I definitely get that from my dad. However, there is one thing that I’ve never pursued yet always dreamed about. I’ve been scared silly to admit for my entire life how much I really wanted to be a rock star! That all changed with my father’s death and I decided to go for it. That’s the story of how I got started down this path and launched my solo musical career. My only regret is that I waited this long to go for it. My advice to everyone out there is to follow your heart. There’s no reason not to!”


In “Dreamer”, Sarantos artistically comes of age. His voice has reached a maturity and resonant quality so as to have arrived as a top modern rock vocalist. His now deeper and broader range as well as more powerful volume and projection is quite noticeable. It’s a quality of maturity and age and dedication to his craft. His increasingly impressive ability to just haul back and belt out a solid, powerful performance in classic rock style is amply demonstrated on “Dreamer” and more than on almost any other song he has done thus far.

“Dreamer” benefits, apart from a rich mix of vocals, of solid guitar work, crisp drums and a generous laying-in of deep solidly rhythmic bass accompaniment. It’s almost a work of art. Something about the quality of this song makes me think that at year end it will be considered one of the 5 or 6 best indie pop/rock songs of the year. The winner of over 25 indie music awards, Sarantos is donating 33% of any music-related sales profits from this song straight to St. Jude. St. Jude is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

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