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It’s that time of the month again folks, when our dear friend Sarantos unveils his monthly new video and song to all fans. As always, the track is well thought out, heartfelt and serves the purpose of uplifting and inspiring everyone. Because above all, that is what Sarantos’ music attempts to achieve. He crosses many lyrical themes and musical styles, but the primary message always centers around being yourself, in the best, most positive way possible.

“Easy To Believe”, which Sarantos catalogs in the Christian Pop-Rock genre, focuses squarely on the theme of love, as the song tells us not to be afraid of falling in love, being infatuated or even having our hearts broken. Love is all around us, and we should live and experience it.


“This music video is a first for me,” says Sarantos, “because I release a new music video every single month and because the story is the key, I am always looking to try new things. Of course, given that I am an indie artist, I have budget constraints that are very real. Nevertheless, I want to give my fans something to watch and enjoy for a few minutes each month. I want them to look forward to the quote, the type of video, wonder whether I will be in this one or not, and obviously to think about the story and all the various ways it can be interpreted. Hopefully they enjoy this video with its love story and appreciate the few subtle humorous references.”

There are two things I’ve always appreciated about Sarantos: his honesty and his focus on positivity. He’s never afraid to challenge pre-conceived notions and doesn’t sugar-coat convicting truth, but it’s always about honest positivity. That doesn’t change on “Easy To Believe”, where this powerfully melodic song centers around the theme of complete dependence on the belief in love notwithstanding the risk of heartbreak:

“That one beautiful morning, you made me wanna stay
The way you played with my hair, you really seemed to care
I fell, hard for you
I believed it was meant to be, that fate would be so easy”

And then soon afterwards, the acknowledgment and acceptance of a change of hearts:

“Funny how quickly things can change
What a way to come undone
I carelessly believed
It was easy to believe!”

“Easy To Believe” does just that, it tells us to believe no matter what, as Sarantos continues to inspire with his honesty and amazing lyrics. The big question is, after releasing a song and video each month, will he eventually run out of creativity? Will his songs all sound the same?  Judging by “Easy To Believe”, the answer is a resounding no!

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