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Sarantos has released “Perfection From Every Angle” a new song and music video for the hot Chicago summer. It is the sort of thing that makes you want to sing and dance along, which in my case tends to annoy anyone within ear shot. There is a lyric sheet but you won’t need it as everything is very clear and unchallenging – this is escapist fun and full of positivity and good vibes.

Sarantos sounds like he is having a blast, and listening to this track you’re right there with him. For anyone wondering whether a serious singer-songwriter like Sarantos is able to deliver in the pop-dance department, the answer is a strong yes.


This is infectious music that is full of wonderful soulful backing harmonies, good times, smiles and a grooving bassline. The fantastic understated melody and lead vocal make perfect listening while driving up and down the coastline with the hood down on a sunny day. As always, Sarantos is truly inspired.

His releases are always full of passion: a passionate love of life and people, passionate optimism against all odds, the passionate grabbing of life and all its adversities by the horns. Sometimes Sarantos also addresses sadness and anger but they are presented as the metaphysically unimportant, to rise above.

Here on “Perfection From Every Angle” he looks at the varying theme of perfection, and explains: “This song is about the perfection that exists in all of us. We are all perfect in our own unique way. I don’t think anyone should ever be able to tell us who we are or what we should be. We are defined by our own history and we set our own path for the future. We make our own legacy. We should never let others tell our own story. It is ours and ours alone. Far too often do I see younger teens and adults buckle under the pressure of perfection and trying to fulfill unrealistic expectations.

There is aesthetic perfection everywhere you look – in every magazine, TV show and plastered all over the internet. My quote about perfection and advice is simple. Be yourself. There is only one you. To me, you are perfection from every angle! Nothing means more to me than your own uniqueness. We should all cherish and hold onto singularity, even as we go thru each day trying to emulate our role models who might be from our families, sports stars or celebrities. Always remember who you are and what you want to be.”

Every song that Sarantos releases has its very own unique personality. What they often have in common is they start simply, and build in power and dynamics, with some unexpected turns, to a climax of energy, passion or in this case just plain summer fun, even though the track contains some serious lyrical undertones.

On “Perfection From Every Angle”, Sarantos pretty much captures the whole dance-pop sound with a slight added retro-disco flavor, and then polishes it to a sparkly shine!

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