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Longing, hope, and a need to believe in reality, pour out of “In My Dreams”, the new singer by singer-songwriter Sassy Vee. It’s a clear, accomplished cry from the heart, exorcising its illusions by declaring them bluntly. “In my dreams we’re together. Holding hands and making plans forever. I wish it were true, but I cannot be with you. You have another.” The song introduces Sassy’s strengths: a voice with sultry intensity, songwriting that goes directly to the point and a production that is well aware of both EDM and Pop. The song’s arrangement is lucid and uncluttered, placing all the expressiveness of her voice at its center.

Sassy Vee could easily over-sing; she has delicacy, volume, tone, melisma and rhythmic nuance, whenever she needs them. But she inhabits her song, rather than overpowers it. Intertwining love, longing and music, as Sassy Vee does through “In My Dreams”, is a time-tested idea. But it’s also an abiding and deserving one, especially when it’s carried off with such unfailing grace.

The song begins with warm shimmering keys and subtle, alluring croons, before switching into a beautiful and perfect electronic, orchestral accompaniment, and a smooth beat. The song, as we will discover, is about simplicity, uncomplicated thumping percussion, a driving bassline, and Sassy’s superior voice sewing all of its parts together.

This airy upbeat production, allows you to appreciate Sassy Vee’s voice, as it melts inside your soul. The first taster of what her new musical journey offer us, enlists producer Panaoff, to bring the epic understated power and majesty of this track to full fruition.

Short and to the point, “In My Dreams” hammers its point home with lyrics like: “Never meant to have feelings for you, but I do. Didn’t think that this was possible. From a broken heart feelings could grow. Too bad it won’t turn to nothing true. Cause the love that I feel is only in my dreams.”

“In My Dreams” has a fantastic chill dance rhythm running its course that will make you tap, wind and unwind to it repeatedly. Sassy Vee is an exceptionally engaging performer, showing real involvement at every turn of the song. She unconsciously invites listeners to concentrate as hard as she does on the effortless sound emanating from her vocal cords.

Her palpable connection to, and understanding of this track, broadcasts her status as both songwriter and singer. Mixing charm with passion, Sassy cements her position on the modern music scene. The track also shows the scope of her versatility and is a good example of why she will manage to appeal to a broad audience.

“In My Dreams” marks a brand-new chapter for Sassy Vee, and with it a smooth, bold, confident and peerless new sound. The song is heartfelt, and easy to relate to and connect with all her powerful heartfelt lyrics. It’s an extraordinary EDM track, and emblematic of an artist emerging self-assured and powerful. Sassy Vee’s latest release is so strong that it creates anticipation to see where she will go next. Enjoy!



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