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During his career, Scoop Lo has been signed to Def Jam and has opened shows for major artists, including Trey Songs. He has also landed advertising and sponsorship deals, before deciding to launch his own imprint, The Debonaire Group. Born into a first generation Jamaican household, music has been in Scoop Lo’s life since he could walk and talk.

His interest in storytelling would be sparked by hip hop, particularly LL Cool J. As he got older, he landed on a few notable DJ mixes but he felt like something was missing. His father asked him why he didn’t move in his showcases. So he started studying Usher, Michael Jackson and finally fell onto Missy Elliot.

Scoop Lo
Scoop Lo

Scoop Lo has recently released his 7-track album, “The Suave Experience”. On this new album, you can see that Scoop has become a true professional with his music and the way he develops throughout the album and reaches an extraordinary high with the last song, “Build A Door”.

“First To Tell You” is an instant Scoop Lo classic, as well as “Negligee” and “Good Girls”. He introduces himself from the beginning with “Mr. Lee’s Ascension”, and then develops with the sensual, love and having fun themes and it just gets better until the end. I’ve never felt Scoop’s energy as hard as when he pours out his soul in “Sweet Reminiscing Pt1 & 2”.

“The Suave Experience” is probably as mainstream as a Scoop Lo album can get, with old fashioned hip-hop and soul beats that will grab your attention. The lyrics are sexy, introspective and easily digestible. Bottom Line: If you like hip-hop, you’ll dig this. If I was to put all of Scoop Lo’s songs on a playlist and go through each one in full. I probably would get a full grasp on how well he has transformed as an artist.

This is probably Scoop Lo at his best, you can tell how he has developed vocally and how his music is now more centered, focused and his message is clear. Yeah, a lot of the tracks deal with sex and being in love, but it’s all done with better production, lyrics, and a stronger voice tone than ever before.

“The Suave Experience” is definitely a banger. I found myself listening to a few songs three or four times before going to the next one. Definitely Scoop Lo’s best work to date, no doubt!


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