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Award-Winning Music Artist, Social Influencer, Bestselling Author, TEDx speaker, and Humanitarian are impressive titles emblazoned in Shyla Day’s curriculum. Unsurprisingly, there is more, because this young lady is a certified overachiever. She has obtained distribution in 189 countries in the largest retailers, libraries, and airports around the world for her bestselling book and award-winning music. Shyla’s debut single release, garnered over 16 music award nominations, including Pop Artist of the Year.

Prior to Covid-19, she was selling out venues like the House of Blues, and Whiskey a Go Go performing alongside Icons like Sheldon Reynolds from Earth, Wind, and Fire, and being spotted on TV with music superstars Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, John Legend, and Stevie Wonder.

The rise of Shyla Day has been a steady period of impacting growth rather than the quick flash in the pan that many of her contemporaries have fallen victim to. Her debut single was a masterclass in pop precision.

Now she’s back with a brand new single, entitled “Selfish”, to prove my aforementioned statement. Shyla is here to stay. Her talent and drive are assets that cannot be tainted, because she is too confident and self-assured.

Her new record is brimming with globe conquering potential. The pulsing beat and rhythmic basslines pave the way for a relentless groove, inspiring an almost uncontrollable urge to just dance. On top of which Shyla Day builds her sentimental narrative. She sounds empowered as she affirms: “I’m not asking for much, baby love me day and night.” Her voice oozing a blend of effortless cool and passion.

Unwaveringly, the track’s sound and production, cultivated by Night Viber, has plenty of momentum to pull you in for the whole ride. It takes any listener instantly on a rollercoaster ride fueled by adrenaline, as Shyla weaves us through her passion for love on her terms: “Do you want some? You should know that, though you are handsome, I am selfish.” Then, the chorus hits, the volume heightens, and the drums emphatically enter the beat, preparing us for a great feeling of release.

This song is just as sonically free-flowing and energized as the lyrics are, while Shyla Day is nothing short of a scorching bright light in the gloominess of our current reality.

Shyla has honed her sound and crafted a single that exceeds expectations and should see her truly take flight as an artist with her own unique vision of what pop music should – and can – sound like in 2021. The overriding vibe on “Selfish”, is one of an artist unafraid to tread her own path, strike out in a whole new direction and, well, just let her talents loose.

Shyla Day’s powerful and assured vocals demonstrate the confidence and energy that underpins “Selfish”. She sounds emboldened, empowered and in control from start to finish.

She has to be, with over a million hardcore followers in anticipation of her brand new single release. There is no doubt in my mind that with “Selfish”, Shyla Day is going to be a much more formidable force, than even they could have imagined.

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In anticipation of the new single, checkout Shyla Day’s previous single “Kiss Me”.

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