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Right now the music industry is totally overly saturated with female pop singers, so may figure that the female fronted Skelectory could be yet another sugar-coated pop-rock band carefully projected overnight for a top 40 spot. Wrong. The melodic industrial-rock band from Maryland, started out as a one-person project around 2006 which stayed that way until 2012, at which time the idea mutated into finding like-minded musicians. It soon became a duo, when talented singer and songwriter Zy joined the project, after various solicitations via They moved ahead and recorded various songs before priorities forced them to part ways. Later, via craigslist, drummer Larry joined Skelectory, who was followed by guitarist Tom Chen. The band then auditioned for a singer, and after two years were graced with Samiah Perry.

The resulting effort is an uncompromising, hard-hitting new single entitled “Lucid” that exudes equal parts empowerment and sensuality. Few voices in modern hard rock are as powerful as front-woman Samiah’s, and her pipes certainly are on full display. In the first 30 seconds of the bone-crushing chug of the guitar riffs, Skelectory make it clear that they are bringing the heavy and epic on this track. A song with a monster chorus that conjures up memories of early Evanescence.

Despite popular music trends, Skelectory wave the flag for hard rock and metal with pride and power. This bad-ass attitude reaches a delirious peak on the pounding grind of “Lucid”, where they show that they know how to balance epic metal dynamics with a gritty, alluring rock attitude.

The concise guitar solo in the break, is definitely one to be awed at (and head-banged to!). The thundering bass lines paired with the powerful drums is what will automatically keep you locked into this song. “Lucid” is a quantum leap from “Wicked Angel” released 8 years ago, and another step forward from the excellent “Today is Yesterday” dropped less than a year ago.

Skelectory clearly continue to refine and hone their songwriting, performance and production skills. With an army of rock and metal fans hungry for any scraps the genres can offer, “Lucid” will certainly appease their appetites and more.

The song is a hard hitting track that penetrates through the usual mediocre radio rock bullshit which consumes the airwaves. With Samiah Perry’s vocals superbly leading the charge, the musicianship is first class, throughout what sounds like an audible roller-coaster.

Skelectory’s confidence isn’t merely declared – it’s weaponized, and come at you with full force on “Lucid”. In a music scene that is lacking bona-fide rock acts that are loud, heavy, and dark at the same time, Skelectory fits that bill perfectly with the release of this single.

Roaring out of the gate, and wildly fierce, “Lucid” is a true attention-grabber. Skelectory have a lot more potential armaments to deploy. They’re probably one of the more exciting rocks bands you’re likely to listen to this year.


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