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In the sultry realm of R&B, where passion and desire intertwine, Trig God R&B reigns supreme. With his latest single, “Money On Me,” this God-fearing artist from Hopewell, VA, showcases not only his captivating vocal range but also his ability to command the rhythmic landscape with an irresistible groove. Trig God R&B is a force to be reckoned with, a virtuoso of soulful seduction. Before his ascension to the summit of musical mastery, Trig God R&B embarked on a journey through the labyrinthine world of independent labels. These formative years presented him with invaluable opportunities to share the stage with industry giants such as Trey Songz, Lil Wayne, and Choppa.

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Fuelled by these experiences, Trig God R&B took destiny into his own hands, founding Exalt Recordings in 2015, where he embraced his calling as an owner, engineer, and artist. Through his alignment of gift and purpose, he discovered his truest form of service to others: crafting soul-stirring melodies.

A devoted single father of three, Trig God R&B draws inspiration from a multitude of R&B luminaries. Raheem Devaughn, 112, Dave Hollister, Mali Music, and Wale have left indelible imprints on his musical soul, influencing his artistry in profound ways. As he steps into the limelight with “Money On Me,” Trig God R&B showcases a vocal prowess reminiscent of his esteemed predecessors.

From the very first notes, the production envelops listeners in a sensuous groove, inviting them to sway and succumb to its magnetic allure. Trig God R&B adorns this opulent soundscape with his silky, honey-smooth voice, effortlessly navigating the throbbing mid-tempo instrumental.

The drum patterns reverberate with insistence, delivering a rhythmic slap that electrifies the air. It is within this sonic tapestry that Trig God R&B weaves his magic, demonstrating both his musicality and vocal dexterity, elevating “Money On Me” to celestial heights.

Trig God R&B

Lyrically, Trig God R&B invites us into the world of his irresistible charm. In “Money On Me,” he regales us with tales of a woman who captivates all who encounter her. Trig God R&B unabashedly declares his position as the best she has ever had, dismissing any competition that dares to challenge his dominance.

He reminds her that he is always there, a steady presence amidst the absence of others. The melody, like a lover’s touch, complements Trig God R&B’s soulful voice, creating a symphony of sensuality that leaves us yearning for more.

Trig God R&B revels in his own magnetic pull, knowing that she sees in him what no other can offer. He possesses an irresistible allure, a captivating force that compels her to invest her trust, her heart, and her very essence. With “Money On Me,” Trig God R&B invites us into a world where passion and desire intertwine with undeniable musicality. His sultry vocals and rhythmic command take center stage, leaving us spellbound in the embrace of his artistry.

So, let us surrender to the enchantment of Trig God R&B’s artistry, allowing his music to wash over us like a tidal wave of emotion. In his melodies, we find solace and inspiration, and in his voice, we discover the power of our own desires. In each note and every lyric, Trig God R&B invites us to surrender to the magic that unfolds before us with “Money On Me.”


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