Taylor Made Da Prince – “Alright” – A leader in the lane of love rap!

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“Alright” is a high-energy track that truly highlights Taylor Made Da Prince’s skills, while the instrumentation stays laidback and somewhat in the groove. He is at the top of the game with sharp and sentimental lyrics, which features a brilliant pen game with good punchlines and deeper meanings. A leader in the lane of love rap, Taylor Made Da Prince, hails from Columbia, South Carolina, and is currently working towards a major record deal with distribution from Vydia and Chris “Gotti” Lorenzo of Murder Inc Records/Addventures Music as his agent. Taylor has a national hit entitled “Smile” featuring Rachelle Ferrell (formerly of Capitol Records/Universal Music) which made its appearance on the Billboard R&B charts.

The single “Alright”, is set to be part of Taylor Made Da Prince’s 13th studio project “Love Lectures 7”, which is currently in the works. The artist’s chameleonic ability to evolve and shapeshift across every project means that rather than adhering to any single sound, he keeps on showing the world everything that he has to offer within his specific style.

“Alright” casts light on every aspect of his mind, body, and soul, in a specific sentimental situation. Everything from his flow to his enunciation is more purposeful than ever.

Make no mistake, Taylor Made Da Prince wants you to catch every syllable of this deeply romantic voyage. “It’s the way you make me feel. It’s the things that you do. Because you keep it real. And I know your love is real,” spits Taylor Made Da Prince, as he unpacks his feelings in an honest and open way.

Right from the atmospheric outset of this record, Taylor Made Da Prince discards any masks or smokescreens in favor of vulnerability and righteousness. While the intricacy and artfulness of his bars remain in essence, what comes across most acutely is a sense of respectable uprightness, which is something that sets him completely apart from his peers or contemporaries. The track sees Taylor Made Da Prince operating with the confidence of a man that can deliver lyrical profundity with effortless ease.

Although almost every passing moment of this record feels ripe for further analysis, what really separates, and elevates “Alright”, above other works out now, is the sheer scale of its ambition in terms of moral purity. It matches the caliber of performance Taylor Made Da Prince was aiming for.

There’s no mistaking the intent behind his writing and the songs they find themselves on. It’s impossible not to appreciate the musical world Taylor Made Da Prince invites us to.

In music, there is often a sense that an artist is on the downturn of their creativity or relevance by the time they reach the number of releases Taylor Made Da Prince has accumulated thus far. This could not be further from the truth in his case.

The willingness to evolve is what’s keeps him ahead of the game, which is why his next turn will always be anticipated in the underground hip-hop world. “Alright” is the total package, lyrically substantive, sonically immaculate and instantaneously catchy.

OFFICIAL LINKS: Instagram: @taylormadedaprince Facebook: @Taylor Made Da Prince

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