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EDM producer The Goon, has all the potential and tools to carve a highly-respected reputation for himself over the next few years. Producing and performing epic, energetic, and impacting dance tracks, his styles feature everything from signature soulful melodies, to sleek vocals, to rollercoaster rhythms, and nearly all else in-between. The Goon’s production dexterity is exactly what should turn his songs into worldwide acknowledged electronic gems, if they are allowed to navigate the proper avenues of opportunity. That’s the tough part, when you’re in a lane over-saturated with ambitious young guns, dropping literally millions of electronic tracks per day.

To stand out from the crowd you need the production skills, a finger on the pulse the ever-changing music scene, and a highly focused vision to back up your determination. Listening to The Goon’s latest tracks “Enough” and “Sunny Day”, and then checking out his website, it seems like his eyes are wide open and closely tracking the targets. While the earlier release, “Enough”, was a stunning vocal track with dynamic beat switches driving its momentum, “Sunny Day” is a euphoric and blissful instrumental.

The tracked is jam-packed with mind-blowing synth melodies, blistering basslines and slamming drums. The Goon’s mix, is full on style, with an exceptional build up that prepares for arena sounding mayhem before the atmospheric breakdown arrives. Showcasing creativity within the subdued tones, The Goon steadily and seamlessly rebuilds from the sensitive motifs, illustrating vibrant reflection and passionate emotions as he heads towards the climax once again.

“Sunny Day” is a record that perfectly blends The Goon’s uplifting energy and knack for warm synth melodics while blowing the house down at the same time. Electronic Dance Music has really changed the face of pop music, and has become a prominent fixture at the top of the charts. The problem with this is that with so many DJ/Producers becoming well known, EDM tracks can quickly become cliché and generic rather than the original genre it once was.

The Goon doesn’t fall into this trap, on “Sunny Day”, which is specifically designed for the dancefloor, or the festival arena. It has a massive synth sound that requires the volume knob to be turned up to the top. The track highlights The Goon’s incredible production abilities. Aside from being super punchy, the details are marvelous, and all its elements are perfectly crafted for making it epic. The track does what it sets out to do, and does it surprisingly well.

This song is going to appeal to a large group of people, and there’s a reason for that. It’s epic, it’s energetic, and it embodies all that instrumental electronic dance music should, without overstaying its welcome. The Goon proves that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to sound fresh and invigorating, you just have to work with impeccable taste and technique.

October has been an undeniably big month for new music in almost every genre imaginable. The Goon anticipated his contemporaries by dropping “Sunny Day” during September. Now he is pushing the momentum!

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