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The music, the beats, the hooks, on every song, are absolutely, without a doubt, truly captivating. His fans will be absorbing it, soaking it all in, and they won’t be able to turn it off. The EP highlights the artist’s lyrical prowess, focused storytelling and mastery of metaphors and punchlines. The recording shows evolution and adaptation to modern music aesthetics but stays true to the roots of real hip hop and rap. So which major league rapper and new release am I talking about?  Surprisingly the artist is an underground rapper from Toronto Canada named Uh Oh, and the project is his latest EP, entitled “Perfection Of Imperfection”.

Uh Oh comes out of nowhere – at least for me – to blow us away with a 7 track recording that will keep you entertained from beginning to end with constant mood changes. It has everything from bangers, to meaningful and thought provoking songs, plus a heavy dose of the issues that are plaguing us today.

Uh Oh is an artist who through his lines of poetic ruminations opens our eyes to the world of emotional rhyming and beautiful story telling. He kicks the Ep off with the dark and cinematic, “Stop The Feeling”, which quickly sets the mood and atmosphere.

Every line and lyric is well executed and carefully thought out in a song with vastly superior production quality and rapper that can…rap. Flow, rhyme scheme, and wordplay, are all things Uh Oh does extremely well. And as soon as he dives into the slow thumping boom of “Y’all Upset”, all the aforementioned skills are well and truly confirmed.

Uh Oh is firing on a cylinders in this new EP. Each song is full of lyrics that will engage you mentally, and nuances that will stir you emotionally. The latter is overflowing in the head nodding bang of “Bruh!” where the rapper turns on his urgent and edgy flow.

The stylistic analogies with Eminem run rife throughout this track, and the rest of the EP, both in deviant wit and frenzied execution. I understand that most rappers hate this comparison, but Eminem is probably the greatest living rapper and he has influenced a generation with his insane craftsmanship.

There is no better measuring stick. Moving forward, we stumble on the mid-tempo bump of “Get Over It”, which forges a repetitive keyboard motif that turns out to be totally hypnotizing. “Gold Tooth Smile” maintains the EP’s urgency as Uh Oh lays down a menacing rap, and follows it up with another set of killer rhymes on “Vegan Eatin’ (Freestyle)”.

By the time Uh Oh closes the show down with the twisting soundscape of “Dark Space Place”, his lyrical ability has been entirely revealed – whether it’s with his multiple syllable rhyme schemes with heavy punchlines, or slowing it down with lots of double entendres, its well-rounded and perfectly executed.

If you actually listen to rap, and love bars in general, then you’ll know “Perfection Of Imperfection” has to be fire. The production is great, the lyrics are top notch, and the rapping is even better!

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