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Growing up between Germany and Croatia UNA has been influenced by various artist, ranging from classical, like Erik Satie, Chopin and Debussy to pop, like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Aaliyah, No Doubt, Madonna, Toni Braxton etc. A classically trained piano player she decided to move to popular music such as jazz, rock and pop. UNA describes her music style as “experimental” or “electro-pop”. Apart from her hobbies, like painting, drawing, dancing and photography, she also has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration as well as a successful international modeling career.


Clearly focused and work-driven, UNA co-produced her latest song, “Alone”, with producer Sinima and even completed a DIY music video. The track, with a mix of EDM, pop, and alternative influences holds passion and inspiration that reflect UNA’s talent.

There’s a dark vibe to this track which gives you feeling that the “Alone” is not somewhere that you want to end up. It’s the perfect introduction to UNA’s vocal and production talents. She’s heading straight for the stars and she’s not looking back!

A lot of musicians take years and several albums exploring different sounds until they find the right one for them, UNA already seems to know her niche. Producing a near flawless record for her first single is an incredibly rare achievement. Yet, the blonde-haired singer seems to have achieved it so effortlessly.

With the right marketing and promotion, “Alone” is bound to become one of those iconic singles that everyone with relationship problems listens to. It’s just so damn relatable. Even if you’re not in a turmoiled relationship, I can guarantee that the melancholy beat – which changes into a growling dubstep soundscape – prepared with emotional lyrics, will take you back to a time you were left ‘alone’.

Lyrically UNA is very straightforward and honest which always makes for a refreshing narrative. I actually favor the very direct lyrical structure as it gives the theme of the song its teeth. She is scathing and unapologetic in her lyrics and her voice elevates her music.

“Alone” is the direct result of a woman empowered by her talent and will. UNA’s lyrics are relatable, without being monotonously cliché. Her sound fits in perfectly with the millennial driven audience she is singing to. Overall this is an addictive and unforgettable experience.

I consider the sound of the track to be gritty and raw, but also powerfully daring as it breaks the genre barrier with UNA’s unapologetic vocal delivery sounding immensely personal and candid while dripping with emotion.


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