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Vincent Krennerich is a young pianist and composer from Bavaria, Germany, who has been living in Austria for the past three years, where he recorded his first songs. “Flugträume” (engl.: ‘dreams of flying’) is his latest single. Vincent’s performance of his own work is, as one would expect, technically accomplished, lyrical and introspective, as he is emotionally involved with his creation. What the pianist manages to produce here is a personal, loving and captivating interpretation.

One of the benefits of reviewing is that you are exposed to artists that you may have never heard of. And every now and then they turn out to be a hidden treasure. Vincent Krennerich is one of those gems. Simple, sweet, serene and yet seductive, the music of Vincent Krennerich is the perfect synonym for the word sentiments.

Built around soothing melodic piano instrumentation colored with just the right balance of choral and string flavors the music is more than just memorable. The extra elements add power, but never detracts from the gentleness of the piano theme.

Is there something good about simplicity? Yes, and this is it. The music’s gentle repeated patterns help to bring about a tranquil frame of mind. With this music, Vincent Krennerich seeks to connect with the pondering mind on a deeper level. “Flugträume” is a gently flowing bit of musical magic that feels like floating on a fluffy cloud. It casts a peaceful spell with its freely repeating left hand and simple, sincere melody.

Vincent Krennerich’s music works so well partly due to its total lack of pretentiousness. It is simple, direct, and honest. I can’t help but think he must be one exceptionally mellow guy. I won’t be surprised to learn that Krennerich does work in film scoring – his music seems especially well-suited to accompany and enhance visual material.

“Flugträume” is not only a wonderful addition to Vincent Krennerich’s fans but it is also an excellent introduction for newcomers to check out this palatable piano man. While Krennerich’s keyboard embellished arrangements have always been warm; the classy and subtle use of other musical elements only intensifies the beauty of his compositions. Based on the evidence here, this an avenue that should be seriously continued.

“Flugträume” is Vincent Krennerich’s fourth release, and is stunning in its uncluttered beauty. The pianist really pours his soul into this piece – very haunting and elegant. This is sweet, relaxing, heartfelt music that is effective in the background, but can also stand alone as a primary focus.

The echoing piano sound of reaches out to ensnare the listener with a deep spiritual experience. Haunting and intriguing, this track is captivating. I strongly recommend “Flugträume” and other recordings by Vincent Krennerich to those who love gentle solo piano or with light accompaniment.


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