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The new single, “What Fate Holds”, by Joemayk, provides exactly what we’ve come to know and love about this artist – a mellifluous mix of Americana-Rock flavored music with excellent musicianship, heartfelt lyrics and a soul-searching vocals. Joemayk is a guitarist, singer-songwriter and music producer of Venezuelan origin, who currently resides in London, UK. The thing that is most impressive, is the artist’s musical growth. Really, Joemayk was a sublime musician before this recording, but the depth of the vocal harmonies and the intricacy in each instrument, as well as the arrangement and chord progressions on this single, is what makes it so good. The piece is just as intense musically as his previous recordings, but smoother, more relaxed and more confident than anything else he has done.

It’s just beautiful how “What Fate Holds” starts out so quietly and builds to being filled with yearning and a beautiful organically layered instrumental. Joemayk never gets repetitive in his releases. Each new song always presents a signature riff, a memorable story, and standout melody.

This is again the case with the new single. “What Fate Holds” is almost also, a fitting title for the wide-reaching textures that make up the sound of the latest record, and it does an elegant job showing off Joemayk’s fine-tuned modern rock aesthetic.

What makes “What Fate Holds” so compelling however, is that it’s just as interested in upholding and reassuring the typical genre convictions in contemporary rock as it is interested in defying and bending them.

There are elements of folk, country and pop wired carefully into the easy-flowing rock groove of “What Fate Holds”. At the center of it all is Joemayk’s ear-warming vocals, and a catchy singalong tune. This is followed by a surprise synth solo, which gives yet another sonic twist to the song.

Both the musical and vocal arrangements are airtight and performed with brio. Joemayk has developed an aesthetic that’s immediately identifiable, particularly in comparison to the sound-alike pop-rock artists currently populating radio playlists.

Joemayk’s spirited performance also helps elevate the material, making “What Fate Holds” a pretty terrific record in its own right. This is a track by an artist with a fully realized point of view and considerable confidence in his technical skill. And that confidence is most certainly earned.

“What Fate Holds” just more proof that Joemayk is very, very good at what he does. Moreover he is an effortless singer, who has a deceptively rich vocal tone that lends itself well to his compositions, regardless of whether they’re ballads or up-tempo pieces. This is a song that showcases a comprehensive spectrum of ideas, attitudes, and perspectives.

Joemayk’s music is about inclusion, about feeling welcome in a world that may at times feel inflexible and impenetrable. If modern rock wants to embrace a genuinely talented artist who can sing and play with both skill and conviction, write memorable lyrics without pandering to his audience, and project an effortless charm along with authenticity, then Joemayk fits that description perfectly.


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