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What makes Whodini Blak’s new single, “Built 4 Greatness” such a compelling and convincing piece of work is the fateful combination of skill and will to rhythmically put together a track that contains many elements, not least a fair deal of melody, in such a personal way, with songwriting that never ever leaves the listener with a sense of going astray. Whodini Blak’s efficient rapping and attention-craving voice will leave you in an inspirational mood. Your head will literally be brimming with words and messages just waiting to be tied together.

“Built 4 Greatness” manages to further distinguish Whodini Blak’s sensibility to balance seriousness with entertainment in a truly original way. This is a top class track with a hip hop foundation overlaid with a mid tempo blue-eyed soul and pop flavored harmonies. The track is stranger, artsier, and flat-out ballsier than its predecessor.

Whodini Blak is running through the commercial tone era, where hooks and dances powers entire careers. In fact this era of rap is often considered disposable, too. But Whodini sidesteps all of that, bringing to the table not just his sound but his swagger, and the sense of being unbothered, unburdened, and invincible. Also known for his intricate metaphors and wordplay which he uses to help convey his messages and creativity, Whodini Blak gives us a storylines on this project both with a deeper meaning that takes a little bit of thinking to fully comprehend and understand.

“Built 4 Greatness” has everything you’d expect and more. Every word he spits will set your mind in motion. Whodini Blak flexes his lyrical prowess – demanding that nobody underrate him – over a banger produced by Bobby Stixx. Although a banger, Whodini stays true to his own persona on the track, something that many artists writing hits can have trouble with.

The California-based MC is more than ready to take it to the next level with this track. Releasing a single from your album is like putting together a trailer for a movie you need to promote, so it’s an important process and needs to be done carefully. Built 4 Greatness (Prod by Bobby Stixx) is done very carefully, and forms part of the “God’s Plan” album.

MORE ABOUT: Whodini Blak grew up on the streets of Jackson, Mississippi, and later relocated to California, where he keeps pursuing his solo efforts, working as ½ of the Experimental Rock/Alternative Hip-Hop duo, ‘No Longer the Hero’ and inspiring people with forward-thinking lyrical magic, thought-provoking songwriting and a punchy lyrical flow that echoes the work of songwriters as diverse as Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, 50 Cent and many more.

Having been recording music since 2001, Whodini is more than just a rapper: he also has a passion for great rock music, particularly looking up to artists such as Linkin Park, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers & Seether for inspiration & being the podcast host of the successful Vigilantes Radio.

His sound is direct, strong and engaging featuring the sonic assault of rock and the energy of rap, all in one package. Don’t miss out on his releases, its quality over quantity, including his first full-length mixtape LP, “No Dayz Off” [2015], which showcases an experimental combo of rock and hip-hop and featured Bizzy Bone, Layzie Bone, Pastor Troy, Styles P & many more.

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