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I think Xilax is one of the more intriguing rappers to show up on this year’s underground list. A lot of his songs are really good, and it’s really fun to listen to him rap because of his knack for catchy flows. Xilax himself sings and raps more than well enough, as he successfully combines triple flow and old school patterns in his rapping so that he doesn’t make you scream once again that all the modern rappers sound the same. As a result, the lyrics are more than successful for new-school rap, they are totally relatable and contain a good share of artistry and symbolism, which serves as a sauce for chewing on those street-hustle and introspective lines that come from the Canadian based rapper.

The music on his latest EP “Kudos”, forges a balance between bangers with loaded bass and intense rapping, and melodic RnB styled motifs, which deliver a high level of diversity and musicality. Xilax is known for his eclectic style of speedy raps with a bunch of fun energy, but he shows on this recording that he is so much more than that. Sure he still has his crazy flow and some French lyrics lyrics, but he also incorporates other elements that keep the listener guessing.

The EP starts off with one of his biggest single releases, “Got The Planet”. It’s a track with personal lyrics, as Xilax looks to move his life to a happier place, where he may find his better half: “This is for my future wifey. I’m on my grind all the time, I don’t take it lightly,” sings Xilax, making his intentions clear. “I know that you are out there. I’m out here getting money. Our paths will cross someday. And we gon build a family.”

“Gonna be Okay” ft. Charikleia Mari Amersa is a slow and atmospheric ballad that has Xilax singing for long passages of the track. The vintage sounding keyboard sample sets a dreamlike tone that is expanded on by Charikleia Mari Amersa intimate and sultry singing voice.

This track is a beautiful way to proceed with the EP, and if you like melodic hooks in rap, you’re going to love this one. This is probably one of the most polished and accessible songs Xilax has ever recorded, in my book. This could easily sit on any mainstream chart.

“Tell Ya Sum” ft. June B is another crossover track injected with R&B and Pop groove. It features yet another catchy hook and an incessant rhythm. It is a relentless banger with buzzing Xilax’s explicit lyrics, rattling your brain the entire time.

The fireworks really pop off on the hook when June B comes in. Xilax really killed every sound he attempted on this EP, and there are no bad songs. On “What’s Poppin’”, Xilax makes explicit seem like a lame word, as he goes beyond lyrically, pushing it to the extreme.

With every project Xilax continues to prove that he is one of the bright rising stars in Canada’s underground hip-hop scene today. The thing that sets “Kudos” apart is the fact that Xilax isn’t just rapping and singing great, but he is creating great music all around while maintaining his own unique personality.



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