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Young GC hits his EP “Peace Amongst The Madness” out of the park. I didn’t expect this kind of quality and variety from this guy who was unknown to me before today. When one listens carefully, it is clear this artist knows musical arrangement and composition, as well as many of the top songwriters and music producers of today. On this recording he explores a few diverse musical avenues while not straying too far from being accessible to the mainstream. Young GC brings influences from soul, R&B, rap, rock, pop and ventures farther out into alternative fields, while filling his songs with plenty of melody and harmony. His narratives are firmly grounded, have depth, personal wisdoms, and resonate in both the mind and the heart.

“I’ve always wanted to be an artist that would have an impact in the way people feel. I wanted to create music that you could both hear and feel,” says Young GC. “I do my best to give a tasteful mix of modern sound with a meaningful message while also staying unique and having my own sound.” Which is exactly what he achieves with “Peace Amongst The Madness”.

The six songs in this collection, are deeply pensive, bright, and warm all at the same time. Young GC is consistently thought-provoking, as he meditates on personal issues, family thoughts, relationships and life experiences. He captures a mood and makes songs that are less about the words and more about meaning.

Right from the opening track, “Lately”, it is apparent that Young GC has learned how to use his tremendous artistic resources to his advantage and make a personal statement to satisfy his mindset, and those of many listeners. The bar is set high with this cut, as Young GC sings, raps and bares his soul in a mesmerizing tune.

Stunning punctuation is provided by the slap-sliding bass riffs. “Before Nothing Was The Same”, is even more impressive, in both its vocal and instrumental orchestration. So much attention has been paid to the way things tessellate – it’s genuinely interesting, and it also makes you want to throw yourself down somewhere, and just listen intensely to the storytelling.

“Tired” opens with shimmering piano keys and moves forward on a throbbing backbeat, as Young GC laments: “I’m tired of only existing. I’m tired of all the resisting. My thoughts and my heartbeat conflicting, this life is a puzzle, show me what I’m missing.” Young GC finds a sweet spot between throwback soul and the 21st Century hip-hop, sounding like the best version of himself.

On “Tail Lights” there’s an immediately natural ease with which Young GC uses his singing voice, but one that is strengthened by the worldliness and understanding of his rap voice. “U Know What It Is” is an urgent, head-nodding thriller wrapped inside an atmospheric production, and spearheaded by Young GC’s surefooted flow and profound narrative.

“Watch Your Love Slowly Drown” goes darker and deeper into personal realms, and is delivered with the spiritual grit and sweeping vision of an artist on the rise.  Young GC offers his best on this EP, and spares listeners from the mediocrity usually connected with modern rap releases.

“Peace Amongst The Madness” is seamless, as the tracks blend melodically through each other. In a time where the genre’s maturity is regressing, Young GC feels like an outsider in an industry that should be pushing him into the mainstream more than his peers.

Connect with Young GC on Instagram: @cruzgabr – Snapchat: cruzgabr – Youtube: YOUNG GC


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