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909dig pairs heavy topics with fluid instrumentals to convey his personal challenges and hustle. On his project, “Doin’ Me”, he lures the listener in with a conversational tone and then goes in for the kill with a measured flow. From the get go, you will be fascinated by the way his raps sound like stand-alone stories, layered onto entrancing and mesmerizing instrumentals. 909dig’s steady and sometimes gravelly tone, grounds the otherwise dynamic and constantly moving tunes. He is confident in his raps, spitting them out like ultimate truths.

From the start, on the title track, “Doin’ Me”, 909dig is unafraid to reveal his truths. His voice relaxed, but insistent, over a slow and steady synth-driven beat. The rapper brings a certain charisma to his flow that is intoxicating to listen to. There’s a distinct feeling you get while listening to 909dig that he’s awake and switched on.

Throughout this project 909dig’s senses are all working together to paint a clear picture of his surroundings and his existence. So what you get on a track like “A.G.N.B”, is something head-and-shoulders above many of the things that his contemporaries have been releasing over the last few years. His voice is distinctive, robust and resonant, amidst fluent and warm production.

The thoughtfulness that runs through the material on this debut album, and the richness of sound behind it all, is what sets 909digs apart. And he embodies these characteristics fiercely on “Come Here”. The track is littered with snippets of a candid heart-to-heart anecdotes.

909dig’s narratives are intriguingly insightful, especially so in “T.L.D” ft. Pomonaadub. 909dig cleverly intertwines his vital truths and experiences in a delicate symbiotic relationship with his lyrical flexing. One 909dig’s greatest qualities, is his ability to be introspective, and effectively communicate with listeners, parts of himself and his mindset. All of which comes through loud and clear here.

Moving forward, we come across “Rockin’ With Me”, in which fans can hear 909dig standing confidently in a space of understanding and purpose. Here he is finding his balance as he juggles through sentiments, personal life, and truth. 909dig’s delivery and the overall musical vibe will ignite a flame in listeners. The union of 909dig raw and intimate writing style, with the expansive production on the track, makes it special.

Hip-hop and rap nowadays, are filled with rappers who rely solely on the hype and production to keep the listener hooked. This is simply not the case for 909dig. His lyrics always pack substance and make the listener take a pause and process the actual meaning. At times he can just lay down a personal account, like he does on “All in My Mood”, and still keep listeners entranced.

No matter what the theme, 909dig’s raps always feel informative rather than pretentious. His lyrics nourish and stimulate thought. The album closer, “After Quarantine”, is a personal moment for 909dig to flex his self-confidence, and awareness of his grind. “It took a while, but then I noticed it. I’m better than a lot of niggas. I be on some different shit. Shoutout my bro who noticed it.”

909dig is currently one of the rappers who is carrying the craft into new heights, and producing music that is leaps and bounds ahead of many of his contemporaries. “Doin’ Me” is available on all major digital platforms via ABC Records.


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