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Driven by creativity, the multi-talented artist, Alonso Daniels aka AED PROJEK, an American dance music composer and producer who has been researching dance music for a long time, has released his single “Let’s Begin”, which has already received a huge response in the electronic dance music scene. In fact, listening to this track, there’s no shortage of the urge to dance. No matter where you are in the world listening to this song, there’s a pulse that just reverberates through your system and makes you want to move, and in that, there’s the release that you yearn for.

Regardless if you have a way to articulate or breakdown why that is, “Let’s Begin” just hits you in a way that not only makes you want to groove, but it puts you in a place where you can hone in on your emotions and really embrace the nostalgia of dancefloors back in the 90’s. AED PROJEK has kind of blended the House sound and the Hip-hop groove of that era, and brought it right into the moment.

I think a lot of people will come to appreciate this track as 2021 moves forward, but I also think that it’s the perfect sound for what many people need, because in our modern music times, there isn’t a lot of feel-good music, or music to make your soul feel like it’s been hugged by happy memories.

This is that, and I’m thankful for it. Just take in “Let’s Begin”, and let it flow through what you’re going through, and it should either elevates your current high, or bring you out of a dark place.

Blending hip-hop production with electronic elements of house, AED PROJEK has created his own musical space in which he delivers a soundscape filled with emotion that is sure to make you hit the dance-floor.

“Let’s Begin” shows us that AED PROJEK is here to stay. From start to finish the quality in production is nothing short of masterful. Throughout the project, different vibes and energies are brought to the table with a fully-loaded set of sonic trickery.

Alonso Daniels aka AED PROJEK is a master at creating a tapestry of sounds for a track, which in “Let’s Begin” all revolves around the beat that palpitates through your chest. The song is laced with subtle waning synths that are created to dance off the beat and the deep brewing bass. The strong drums are at the forefront, while the voice samples wrapped in the song create lively energy for the track.

The bouncing electronic notes create a melody that is framed by the punchy percussion. All of which allows us to appreciate the layering of sounds and elements in the song, which deliver a flurry of energy and rhythm. AED PROJEK displays an amazing portfolio of sounds and shapes in his toolbox, with the rhythm and percussion being the most notable elements in the track, to make sure that the dancefloor keeps on moving relentlessly.



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