Ansonia Serrano – “The World” Prod. By Freedolo – elevating her craft to something that is completely her own

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Ansonia Serrano is a songwriter and vocalist originally from Orlando, Florida. She started writing original songs at the age of 5. Now 23, she’s working on turning her many years of lyrical works into material. She released her first single titled “Another Life”, produced by fellow artist and older brother, Luis Romello Serrano (better known by his alias Freedolo), in 2019. This track was followed by “Another Life – Remix” featuring theofficialjayp. Together, Ansonia and Freedolo collaborated another single called “My Side” in 2020. Most recently, they also dropped a new song called “The World” on Valentine’s Day, 2021.

Ansonia Serrano magical voice casts the sweetest spells, when paired with the dashes of dynamic beats of Freedolo, which pushes the potency of this thoughtful project into a dimension of its own. The way Ansonia addresses the idea of dispensing love, is both heartwarming and inspiring as a music lover. Her altruistic vision throughout “The World” is unshakeable, as she unravels the core of sentiments.

Ansonia Serrano

“The World” is a track that can’t be labeled. It’s R&B, sure, its hip-hop too, but it’s a lot of other things as well. Ansonia and her brother Freedolo have crafted a single that sounds both familiar and fresh, escaping most genre clichés, while at the same time remaining firmly seated in the in the new wave of electronic-driven R&B, and aided by a spectacular voice that could well carry the whole thing on its own, but having Freedolo’s magnetic beat, takes it to an even higher level.

Ansonia Serrano’s voice is crystal clear, but at the same time smooth as warm caramel, as it slides across the velvety instrumental. Everything sounds incredibly intimate and gentle, at times even sensual and alluring – but most of all it somehow fits every situation. Its soundscape will evolve with your existence, day and night. It’s gorgeous, and quickly becomes a favorite that will win you over further with each listen.

Ansonia Serrano shows off a generosity of spirit, and an effortless knack for the kind of candor that conjures up visions of a powerhouse balladeer. She is an impassioned vocalist, but never overplays her hand, maintaining a delicate margin of restraint.

Ansonia’s lyrics across the slow-simmering track resonate well within the confines of a personal diary, as she opens her soul: “I wanna give you the whole world baby. The whole wide world. I don’t have much babe, but you got all my love babe.”

Concerned with elevating her craft to something that is completely her own, Ansonia Serrano trades in the kind of sonic magic that can only be derived from the intersection of sincerity, innate talent, and choosing to work with a producer that understands her musical language, and plays to her strengths.

Sonically, “The World” is a hypnotizing R&B-Pop ballad, and Ansonia Serrano’s smooth, silky and poignant vocals make it all that more captivating. I’m expecting a lot of great things from her, and Freedolo, in the near future.


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