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Asia Nicole made her mark as a newcomer to the Industry in December 2012 when she won Atlanta’s Hottest Future Superstar under 18 awards and The America Model Talent Search talent category. In May 2013 Asia won the King Ryan Music Showcase where she was the only Teen Artist. Asia also won the 2014 CMM Award for Best Pop Artist of the Year.

Asia Nicole Powell
Asia Nicole Powell

This talented vocalist, dancer and songwriter  -who  hails from Yulee, Florida, but now resides in Atlanta, GA. – has performed at places such as the Cobb Galleria, The Georgia Convention Center and Hard Rock CafeAsia is a natural in all of the elements of stardom and makes more than a lasting impression. She not only sings to entertain, but rather seeks to inspire and empower others.

Apart from being requested by many Schools, Organizations and Churches to inspire and empower their Youth, Asia Nicole also uses her talent in supporting causes such as anti- bullying and in fund-raising for charities.  Among the songs that have been building her catalog and authenticating her presence as a rising young pop star, you will find fine tracks such as “Hey Young World” ,”Keep It Up”, “Party Tonight” and “Turn It Up”.

Now Asia Nicole takes another step closer towards achieving her desired goals, with the release of her latest single – “No Good”.  She truly has done an amazing job and has greatly progressed as an artist since the release of her debut single.

There are some voices that just grab hold of you the moment you first hear them. Asia Nicole has one of those voices. Furthermore she demonstrates, as a very young female starlet that the path to transition and growth lays in making mature music, not “adult entertainment”. Something even many of her peers have failed to do -falling directly and squarely into the ‘squalor zone’ just to sell records quickly.

Asia Nicole has the formula so many do not. She avoids all the pitfalls that seem to plague most young stars because she knows she has plenty of time to sing her way into a long and glorious career. Her talent is universal, so any music lover, of just about any age group, can appreciate it, regardless of personal tastes. She is a true star on her grind.

You’ll thoroughly enjoy the modern R&B influenced sound with pop touch, on the new ballad “No Good”, as Asia tackles the question of a boy who promises the world, but in fact delivers nothing that the girl really needs – just as she expected!

Asia Nicole’s magnificent voice shines through beautifully here! So she gets full marks for her obvious talent and for the majority of her songs that are simply terrific. As one listens to “No Good”, it is plain to understand that there is a whole lot left in this young and upcoming star, who will outdo herself consistently and wow us again and again, until she reaches the top!

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