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Bass Extractor is the project of Norwegian artist, Fredrik Espedal who plays guitar and piano, although he mainly uses FL Studio 12 to compose his music. Bass Extractor has already released 4 albums and 1 single.

Explaining the basic concept of his music, Fredrik said: “I love to create unique music, where emotions and moods are important factors. I strive to make music nobody else has made before, with melodies people won’t recognize. In some way you could say it works against everything pop music does, but I still think it can appeal to a lot of different people, considering it tries to reach music’s core, where there are shivers, melodies, build-ups, different themes and so on.”

“Heartbeat” the last album by Bass Extractor, is the kind of mind-soothing music that you can’t help but become addicted to. It contains 5 tracks, of which the shortest is in excess of 7 minutes, and the longest runs for just over 11 minutes – a clear indication that Fredrik composes fairly complex arrangements with many musical meanderings.

Fredrik Espedal aka Bass Extractor
Fredrik Espedal aka Bass Extractor

This album really shows how great electronic music can be made.  No matter what taste in electronic music you have, “Heartbeat” has a song for the mood you’re in. I keep trying to decide what my favorite track is, but I can’t. It’s all based on my mood. Sometimes I like listening to the fast-paced beat of “Your Love Goes On and On” or the soothing, relaxing “Extreme Love”, at other times I listen to the dreamy “It’s Only a Matter of Receiving” or the haunting “My Heart Beats for Jesus.”

The song I find myself playing most though, regardless of my mood, is “Computer is Broken, Go Outside”. I not sure why that happens, but it just does! It must be because of my extremely intimate relationship with computers!

“Heartbeat” contains a balanced mix of lush melodies that harmoniously combine music from the ambient and trance genres. These songs are great for relaxation and include themes of strong emotion. Thought provoking, emotional, the soundscapes split the body and soul apart and then reintroduces them again, once purified. Listen to this when you are alone and need perspective on where you are, where you’ve come from and where you want to go.

“Heartbeat” is a beautiful album that surprises you; it does not cater to any current fads, it is an excellent progression and exploration of creativity within its own universe. Though melodious, cohesive and fairly accessible, the songs twist and turn within themselves, never following a repetitive pattern. Clearly Fredrik Espedal aka Bass Extractor knows what he is doing. The songs in this collection show true skill in music development. Fredrik has the ability to give these tracks a series of progressions, digressions and many transitions that are expertly implemented.

“Heartbeat” is another excellent showing by Bass Extractor as he continues to make the music he wants to make, all of which you can find on his Soundcloud profile HERE.


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