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Bimm aka Maniak was born in Alma, GA and raised by a single mother Willie Bell Dixon and his grandmother Mary Dixon. Bimm grew up in the projects, where his mom had a hard teaching him wrong from right.  The rapper has been on his grind for many years while accumulating achievements, surviving struggles and overcoming heartaches. While Bimm aka Maniak has had the pleasure of teaching his son the game, he has also savored the bitterness of losing a daughter, who was stillborn. Part of the artist’s ambitious drive, is in fact propelled by the memory of Bella Ameera Dixon, who Bimm aka Maniak says would kick in her mother’s belly when she heard his music.

Currently working on his project “Allah Knows Best”, in the meantime Bimm aka Maniak has dropped the single, “StePpa”. Most southern emcees purposely have a specific lingo and trends they follow. Bimm aka Maniak delivers a style that embodies his hustle and ambition, to get to the bag by any means necessary. His gritty voice displaying the workings of a non-traditional artist who lyrically explores the pros and cons of a hard-grinding lifestyle.

Bimm aka Maniak is carving out a stylistic niche that prevents him from being boxed into any of rap’s trendy factions. He sounds grizzled, yet wildly turbulent in the same breath on “StePpa”. His ever-shifting aesthetic makes him one of the most invigorating voices around. Everything from the vocal delivery on the track, to the minimal musical arrangement feels crafted with meticulous detail.

The “StePpa” sound, when stripped of its dark moody ambience, drips with venomous nuancing. Bimm aka Maniak raps with a dexterous touch that breathes vibrant energy into the slow burning cut.

It sounds like the rapper plays with pitches and flows on the fly, as his inflection goes up and down, round and round. The track’s hypnotic, unforgiving nature makes it kick-ass. It not only demonstrated Bimm aka Maniak’s flow and lyrical prowess, but also how he harnesses his energy as a performer.

A quick run through his back catalog, and it becomes clear that Bimm aka Maniak has never been one to fail at being engaging behind the mic. He brings an original twist to everything he touches, and on each subsequent release Bimm truly elevates himself, combining what made him stand out as special from before, with a newfound conceptual focus and further improved vocal versatility.

On “StePpa” it feels as though he fully comes into his own, which is mesmerizing as an already talented emcee. The bass-driven beat mirrors Bimm aka Maniak’s performance, boosting the listening experience to soaring heights.

There are times when it is obvious that an artist has a lot to say. It often results in extremely inspired music, with an immeasurable sense of belonging behind the song’s existence. “StePpa” is a song that offers us one of those inspired moments from Bimm aka Maniak’s playlist.


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