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Hailing from Mobile, Alabama, Brazil Hill is a hip-hop artist also credited as a songwriter on her latest track “In a Minute”, released a couple of months back. The song, which details the struggle of being away from that special someone, and how distance can affect relationships, has achieved fan appreciation, media attention, and critical acclaim. Brazil’s production, lyrics, and sweet vocals are fire. She is breaking the cycle of mindless distortion in today’s music, by continuing the in foot patterns of her respected predecessors, as she blends soulful R&B motifs with trendy, modern urban patterns. The track finds a pleasing and consistent groove that is romantic yet gritty, smooth yet appealingly angular. It is just edgy enough to be underground and smooth enough to snugly fit into broad-strokes mass marketing campaigns.

The pairing of salacious verses and melodious vocal ostinatos with a banging beat makes for an entry with wide appeal. With an ear to the streets and a mindset in the sheets, Brazil Hill delivers a strong four minutes plus. Veering from sensitive high register harmonies to passionate vocal twists, the desired effect of capturing attention is wholly achieved.

“In a Minute” is a bouncy little jam layered with an enrapturing melody and yearning tones that beckon your scrutiny. The words are simple and to the point, and they resound with sincere earnestness as Brazil exhales each line over the assertive sway of the rhythm.

“In a Minute” is a reminder of Brazil’s ability to come through meaningfully with a positive-minded declaration of dedication amidst an era obsessed with mindless misogyny. The sound and overall songwriting has an acute quotient of chivalrousness and sensibility. It’s undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, and keeps the romantic script in music going flawlessly.

Finding Brazil Hill singing of love so respectably makes you truly embrace it without attaching it to physical pleasures. Lush and beautifully produced, “In a Minute” as a record matches up fantastically to Brazil’s artistic sensibilities and seemingly, her philosophical view on love and partners.

Brazil Hill indulges into the warmth and soulfulness, bringing her very best to the table. Attribute the potential success of this track to two things – the performance that pays homage to the past, while delivering the present, and the strong, engaging songwriting. Brazil is one of those artists who really shows how it’s done.

You really get the sense that this is a hungry young artist who’s in it for the long haul. Hers is an inimitable voice and when united with production that’s inspired by solid production, it makes for a very unique and contemporary blend of R&B and soul.  That unique blend is here, demonstrating that there’s clearly an enthusiasm for her music and plenty for people to connect with on “In a Minute”.

The song is an excellent contribution to 2019 and the single also works as an excellent introduction to Brazil Hill. On this song, the singer-songwriter’s greatest strengths are fully realized. No doubt, with this latest project, the public will give Brazil Hill the credit she rightly deserves.


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