Celebrating the Season with Dell Staggers: ‘It’s Christmas’ Strikes a Festive Chord

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In a world often obscured by suffering and hardships, Dell Staggers, co-founder of The Staggs Renaissance Group alongside Karen Staggers, emerges as a beacon of warmth and festive spirit through his heartening single, “It’s Christmas.” Penned initially for his children during their tender years, this delightful melody remained a personal treasure until its recent public release, delighting audiences with its joyous embrace of the holiday season. Dell Staggers, a seasoned singer-songwriter with a rich background in ministry and an esteemed education from Luther College, Drake University, and the University of Scranton, orchestrates a musical masterpiece. Collaborating with a team of accomplished musicians – Lou Carfa, Darren Jeshazo, Erick Morgan, and Darwin Martin – each a luminary in their own right, Dell crafts a melodic gem that sparkles with both nostalgia and spiritual flair.

“It’s Christmas” transcends the mundane, offering a respite from the chaos of modern life. Its enchanting notes and heartfelt lyrics act as a compass, guiding listeners to embrace the essence of the season—love, togetherness, and hope. Dell Staggers effortlessly encapsulates the anticipation and sentimental value associated with Christmas, inviting us into a world suffused with warmth and camaraderie. It’s a musical embrace that transcends boundaries, inviting all to bask in the simple yet profound pleasures of the festive season.

The song’s lyrics serve as vessels of kindness and goodwill, gently reminding us of the significance of generosity and companionship. Dell’s vocals resonate profoundly, delivering a blend of soothing comfort and uplifting resonance that harmonizes perfectly with the jazz and blues undertones. The instrumentation, including gentle percussion, resonant basslines, and cascading piano chords, paints a vivid soundscape, allowing Dell Staggers’ vocals to shine brightly amidst the musical tapestry.

The chorus of “It’s Christmas” echoes the universal joy felt during this festive period, expressing love for the season in a simple yet profound manner. The verses, adorned with imagery of shared love, the anticipation of homecoming, and the joy of giving, evoke a sense of familiarity and warmth.

The song culminates in a jubilant crescendo, reinforcing the infectious enthusiasm for the awaited day of togetherness. Its concluding repetition of the chorus underscores the profound affection Dell Staggers holds for the holiday season, leaving a lasting impression on the listener’s heart. It’s relatable, touching upon the very essence of what makes Christmas a cherished time for many.

In a world often eclipsed by trials and tribulations, Dell Staggers’ “It’s Christmas” emerges as a cherished gift, instilling a sense of joy and unity. With its nostalgic charm and heartfelt lyrics, this song stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Christmas, invoking a sense of wonder and celebration that transcends time.

Dell Staggers has crafted a musical treasure that not only resonates with the season’s essence but also embodies the timeless magic of Christmas, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who lend an ear to this enchanting composition. Dell Staggers’ voice, with its captivating timbre, emerges as a guiding force, navigating through the verses that paint vivid images of the quintessential warmth of homecomings during Christmas.


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