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With a foundation built on the love of God, Christopher Bender was born in Stoughton, Massachusetts and raised by his mother in Brockton, Massachusetts. At the age of thirteen, it was revealed to Chris that his purpose was to minister through worship. Since then the award-winning artist has ministered alongside some of Gospel’s most influential artists, such as Shirley Caesar, Donnie McClurkin, JJ Hairston, Fred Hammond, and Israel Houghton among others. He has also been features on works with Rashad McPherson, Ayana McDonald, David Altenor, Amante Lacey, and Matthew Greaves.

There are some gospel artists who make songs that are just as inspirational as they are overtly religious. They are the kind of songs that can be played around non-believers without sounding overwhelmingly preachy. That is the case with “Glad In It”.

Chris Bender’s powerhouse vocals are unleashed with energy, passion and in a style that is as regularly captivating as a Swiss clock. There is never any question about who and where Bender looks for his help. He is definitely on the Lord’s side.

“So many things are going wrong. But these trials come to only make you strong. The Father really needs you to keep holding on. And keep a praise on your lips cause it won’t be long,” sings Chris Bender like he is on a mission to save your soul.

He has a deep understanding of, and love for the cadences of the black gospel musical traditions, which is intertwined with R&B and Soul tones. Bender’s immense vocal dynamics combined with sincere, passionate worship-leading make it easy to see why he has all the requisites to become a household name in Christian music.

The sound presented here could be described as Gospel meets contemporary worship, striking a balance between the intricate chords and huge choirs that make gospel music beloved, while still keeping the songs accessible enough for the average listener to sing along with on the first listen.

Chris Bender lights up the room with charisma, and the simmering energy “Glad In It” is infectious and make it near impossible to remain still while listening. His vocal talent gets an ample chance to shine throughout, and shine it does.

“The enemy he wants you to quit. Wants you to throw in the towel. And say this it. But I’ve been sent to remind you. Your help is here today. Whenever you get in trouble. Here’s what you gotta say. I will be glad in it.”

If you’ve never been introduced to the enthusiastic sound of Chris Bender, this track will give you a good sample of what he’s all about. In this time of crisis and trouble, it’s a timely reminder of the truth of God’s love. “Glad In It”, is one of those songs that you can put on, sit back and worship the Lord.

Chris Bender has created something here that will speak to the widest range of worshipers. Providing spiritual fuel on this classic project, the singer delivers a high-energy performance and engaging moments of reflection, love and hope.


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