DJ Raw B & Luke Sick: “Head Chucka” – that classic 90’s sound!

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DJ Raw B & Luke Sick are a hip-hop duo from the Bay Area. Their friendship grew into a partnership that led to collaborations on past tracks and projects. An album had been a goal for the duo, and that dream has finally been realized with “Born Illness”, an eight track LP that’s currently available on all music platforms. The album was produced via a digital collaboration between DJ Raw B and Luke that spanned the course of a year. This release shows a rapper and a beat maker who prove that they are not going anywhere soon. Both unwrap their signature styles on here and the chemistry between them is obvious and makes for stunning 90’s flavored tracks. The project is a welcome surprise, blending intense sermons, and classic trunk-rattling production.

Similar to most duet rap ventures, “Born Illness” limits its ambitions to the main unifier, in this case harnessing the 90’s sound. The production is classic bouncy thump. There is nothing about the backings to this that doesn’t sound immediately from that era and it fits perfectly. Something that doesn’t fit this formula would automatically feel out of place so it makes sense to make the best of what they know.

As the single “Head Chucka” unfolds, with its Mexican flavored brass, the lyricism is punchy and relies on tenacious delivery from the Luke Sick. The wordplay is focused and very enjoyable, whilst not depending on over complex lyricism, instead it leans more toward vivid storytelling, where the performance factor is important.

DJ Raw B & Luke Sick each show their own talents while adding solid cohesion and variety to the recording. We’ve seen the term ‘O.G.’ used way out of its context in common parlance, but these two – a rapper and a beat maker – instill some respectability back into it.

DJ Raw B & Luke Sick make it amply clear that they pack a lot more street living and skill-honing into their craft than most of their peers. An almost veteran confidence, experience, and rhymesmanship, renders these verses impacting. All the way through “Head Chucka”, the duo clock a stunning and indispensable panoply of mic and beat making skills.

Overall, this is a fantastic track, and project, for those who still strive for more of a taste of that classic 90’s sound. DJ Raw B & Luke Sick both show an undeniable understanding of the roots of rap and hip-hop in forging state-of-the-art tracks of authentic quality.

Really there’s not much more to say. If you claim to be a part of Hip Hop culture in any way and you still haven’t heard this single, or the album, “Born Illness”, you might want to go and find yourself a new hobby.

Download “Head Chucka” on iTunes. Follow the duo on Twitter or go to their official website for more information.

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