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“Snowed” is a single, taken off the album “Alisa Chronicles by singer, songwriter, musician, arranger, producer and performer, Doug Cash, who is also President of Pryor 2 What? Records, and owner of Pryor 2 What? Music Publishing. Doug’s catalog of music brings together a plethora of styles, such as blues, pop, rock, country, prog, metal, funk, folk, and jazz. Sometimes he can brilliantly and seamlessly, meld a number of those styles into the same song. Which is what he does on the art-pop single, “Snowed”.

Doug Cash clearly sees himself as an artist, and as such his music exemplifies the fact that true artists are forever challenging themselves and their audiences. For those who love the core of Doug’s artistry, there is plenty here to relate to on “Snowed”. The arrangement is slick and expansive, an ever-changing rhythmical canvas on which melodies bloom one after another, resulting in a mature strain of pop that suits Doug Cash’s versatile style.

Modern and sleek, yet still baring a raw acoustic underbelly. Indeed, it’s hard to sit still during this little gem, complete with percolating keyboard lines, jangling guitars, a flurry of Doug’s lead and backing voices, as well as spoken word interludes jumping up all over the place. And of course, the killer musical arrangement, colorfully tying in with the accompanying music video, which is equal parts entertaining and thought-provoking.

Incidentally, the video production is on par with any big budget modern pop release, which makes for an incredible experience. The lyrical content in “Snowed” is in line with what we’ve all come to expect from Doug Cash, over the years, as he investigates the ingenious, and sometimes contrasting intricacies of the female mind.

The theme that unites Doug Cash’s music in all its different forms, is his searching musical intelligence, a gift for melody, the willingness to innovate, and the ability to write songs that sound sophisticated yet familiar. As is always the case with Doug’s work, “Snowed” is superbly recorded and produced, and certainly more fleshed out musically, than a lot of his previous recordings.

Where “Snowed” differs from much of his previous work, is that Doug has eliminated the more overwhelming signs of his unprocessed singer-songwriter stylings, and has created music that serves his message as directly and compellingly as possible. This single shows that he is continuing to make progress, constantly moving forward into the future. “Snowed” has a rich blend of musical elements.

Every instrument and every sound on “Snowed” feels carefully chosen to tell the story, and the stunning production allows each of these elements to play their part. In that context, the musical style combines with the lyrical content, and produces a coherent whole, which is completed by the video.

The song is clever in its lyricism, and has a chorus that sticks in your head. Irony is certainly present in great measure, as Doug Cash’s mellifluous voice and knack for colorful storytelling possesses a particularly strong pop sensibility. Every piece of art exists in two forms, as an idea and as a finished product. On rare occasions they both come together flawlessly, as on “Snowed”.


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