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Like most of his famed contemporaries on the charts right now, Eduxr’s talents lie somewhere between Pop, Hip-hop and R&B. And while his peers’ nonchalant deliveries can often scan as too cold, too removed, Eduxr has gotten bolder at playing up the yearning and fragile beauty in his voice, especially on his single Love Again:(. The song illustrates how delicate of a balance the artist strikes between being laidback, mellifluous and locked in to the rhythm. Eduxr has managed to outdo himself. Vocally and lyrically, this is among the best work he’s ever put out. If he stays where he’s at or finds a way to improve, he’ll have a long, prosperous career.

Eduxr began making music and continues to pursue music because it is a refreshing, new task he thoroughly enjoys on doing daily. Revealing that he has dealt with many hardships both in his home town of New York as well as Orlando, Eduxr wishes to help other people through his music as it has helped him. Inspired by a list of artists that include Eminem, Hopsin, Anne-Marie, Josh A, and The Weeknd, Eduxr puts everything he has into his tracks.

“I wanna put my emotions and all of my effort onto a track. If I have to redo it, I’ll do it and start over until the track is perfect,” states the artist, who has garnered over 750,000 streams on Spotify.

An introvert, who dislikes socializing and events in the outside world, Eduxr unleashes his emotions and sentiments through his music.  It would appear that he’s more comfortable being candid on record than in real life, providing therapy for his listeners who can take comfort in his personal narratives.

With relatable lyrics about love and heartbreak, Eduxr connects so vividly to his fans, who realize that he isn’t so different to them.  With a driven beat and soothing harmonized vocals Eduxr lets his emotions and thoughts flow on Love Again:(.

The artist lays out a roadmap to his deepest thoughts as he reflects on relationships, personal struggles, where he’s been, and where he’s going in the future as he juggles between the art of surviving and romance.

“I just want to find that love of my life. I countdown to five. I just want to strive for this life. I’m not happy, I just want to survive,” sings Eduxr. It’s the kind of honesty that sounds sincere. These aren’t manufactured feelings for the sake of a song, but a song for the sake of these feelings. Eduxr creates impressively witty lines, which are as descriptive as they are clever.

Eduxr created track with Love Again:( that narrates his search for the right love. He captures the things he’s dealing with while simultaneously making it relatable to anyone listening. Eduxr is a gifted singer, capable of smooth, yet emotional ruminations. Musically rich and sharply produced, Love Again:( reflects R&B complexity, pop catchiness, and dancefloor groove.


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