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The vast creativity and breadth of Electric85’s music is impressive. Listening through their catalog is an immersive experience. It’s atmospheric and can transport listeners to a special and intimate space. In the ballads, the inherent poignancy of the gentle synths and smooth sounds envelope listeners and sweep them away. Yet there are also high-energy moments in which audiences invited to the dance floor. The duo of Ian Piña & Kent Worthington are imaginative and creative musicians capable of creating some beautiful and transcendent music. Their ambitions mean that they are not just merely making EDM, pop or rock music, instead they are creating sonic art.

On the single, “Starlight” – their first release on passageone music via Electromode/INgroovesElectric85 collaborate with talented songstress Maria D’Vari from Portugal. Written by Kent Worthington, the song was produced by flameproofmusic. It’s always exiting to witness artists expand on their sounds and stretch their talents. There can be no doubt that elevates the project’s artistic status. The music is some of their most haunting and most absorbing sounds

“Starlight” is eloquent and mellow-hued, with Electric85 creating an introspective aura and delicately elusive tones through their prodigious use of instrumentation. It’s a gorgeous track but subtly despairing in its melancholy.

It’s soothing, gently pulsing and evokes an appealing sultriness. Maria D’Vari’s airy, ethereal voice wafts over the shimmer of the keys and the jangle of the guitars. It’s a fantastic blend, and Maria’s pretty voice is a perfect match for Electric85’s sounds.

“Starlight” sounds like it is trying to understand life and emerge into sentient consciousness. It comprehends that the hope of being noticed by others in life, is dependent on the fact that we never quite shine as bright as we had hoped for.

The narrative has been sculpted with precision and a delicate touch. While the song picks up on the fragile and well-composed ambiance of some of Electric85’s previous recordings, it adds an even more complex space for emotion.

Maria D’Vari’s magnificent voice, which must be recognized as an instrument in its own right, seeps through the song like a lush stream. Electric85’s strength of combining tender melodies with a tendency for melancholia and complex sound structures that appear subtle and uncomplicated, reaches its apex on “Starlight”. It’s a great testament of how Electric85 are able to slowly but steadily build up a track, into an immersive listening experience.

Warm piano chords go and in hand deep basslines and emotional strings, while leaving plenty of room for progressive melodic structures and harmonic twists, just to make sure that this isn’t simple mainstream radio pop but something far more profound.

“Starlight” shines an intense light on a musical project that has so much to offer – from a high level of musicality to stunning songwriting, and the ability to choice spectacular vocal features, such as Maria D’Vari.

The blissful ambience of “Starlight” sees Electric85 creating beauty from otherworldliness. The production and singing on this record is never less than striking and the sense that electronic music can be as heartfelt, imaginative and timeless as anything else, prevails throughout. That alone is commendable, as is the sense of originality.



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