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$ey Wavey is an aspiring rapper from Queens NY, who has lived in GA for the last 11 years. A former drummer and trombonist, music has always been a part of his life since a young age. Eventually he tested his talents with the mic and has not looked back since.  “I make music to turn people up, and when they listen to me, I want them to get hyped, not just bob their heads,” exclaims $ey Wavey, which shows a keen slice of ambition and confidence. His latest project is the 10-track album, entitled “H.I.M”.

$ey Wavey has been honing his sound over a series of singles dating back to 2019 when she stumbled upon a winning formula with “Space Demon”. With a simple yet effective bounce, the addictive song gets stuck in your head on first listen.

$ey Wavey
$ey Wavey

Now he puts out his full-length project that proves he is a force to be reckoned with. The album finds $ey Wavey rapping in a way that sounds effortless and which hints at several directions that he could take next. He also calls in a handful of features, to add more dynamism and variety to the project.

Tying modern rap to the more aggressive sounds of yesteryear, $ey Wavey’s uniquely kinetic style keeps him from sounding like everyone else. The whole project is rock solid, and it positions $ey Wavey as a nifty musician who seems intent on proving that he’s no one-trick pony. He remains on a roll, with song after song that switches between tough, fast, in-your-face rhymes over booming bass, and dark cinematic soundscapes with ominous deliveries.

$ey Wavey knows exactly how to pull off both of these entirely different styles. For proof, look no further than this project. He kicks things off with “My Shit”, quickly showing off his flow and impeccable rhyme scheme, before switching to the bass boom of “Freeza” ft. EastSide Mal & RideOrDie, and then onto the urgent momentum of “Damn!” These opening tracks highlight the fact that $ey Wavey is becoming a master at wrapping gritty storytelling in accessible packages.

Through “How You Live”, “Don’t Think Twice” and “SilLy RaBbit” ft. EastSide Mal & Thrash Valentine, $ey Wavey holds his own, both as a rapper and a storyteller. He has a distinct voice that hooks you every time he starts rapping, and even as he collaborates with features, his vocal tones and cadences stand out. $ey Wavey isn’t specifically catering to trends, but he isn’t ignoring them either, as he manages to sound tough and ear-friendly all at once.

By the time you press play on booming crunch of “Chump Change” and the hard-hitting, synth-driven “Long Time”, it’s clear that $ey Wavey never waters down his music for commercial gain, no matter how listener friendly it sounds like.

On both “Whack Sum!” and “Bug Innis Bitch” ft. Jx.Zero, he remains consistent with his personal aesthetic to maintain his artistic equilibrium, and keep all of us entertained. Being an independent artist in the modern music industry is difficult, but that $ey Wavey embraces that challenge.

Even though I had reasonably high expectations for the “H.I.M” project, my initial listen definitely exceeded them. Quality production was also expected, but the chemistry between the productions and $ey Wavey was at a higher level than I anticipated coming into it. $ey Wavey is not just an ear-pleasing rapper he is also a technically capable one.


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