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Rapper, producer, actor, and entrepreneur Flawless from the group Flawless x Diamonique aka FXD is releasing his debut solo album, “Perfectly I’mperfect” in 2023. The album features collaborations with Rick Ross, Sean Kingston, Kurupt, Krizz Kaliko, Avery Storm, and Matt Reed, and is produced by the likes of DJ Pain 1, Anno Domini Nation, Legion, Wyshmaster, and other notable producers. With over 30 years of industry experience, Flawless’ unique delivery style and storytelling abilities are highlighted in the album, which explores a range of emotions and themes. Flawless describes the album as an emotional rollercoaster, saying, “It’s me raw. It’s me with my walls down. It’s me vulnerable.” He adds that he is proud of the work he and his team have created.


To certify the buzz and hype around Flawless, in anticipation of the new album release, we checked out single “Blessings” to get a taste of the state of the artist’s craft.  Straight off the cuff you’re listening to fluid rhymes with the nonchalant chimes of piano keys, and soulful mellifluous hooks.

Flawless sends you away to a dreamy, fantastical world filled with deeply therapeutic sounds. On top of the music, his narrative is grounded in powerful, uplifting rhymes of self-empowerment, tinged with a healthy dose of spirituality.

“I lost myself some time ago way way back. It’s a fact between love and hate there’s a thin line. It’s a fact that between joy and pain that’s the front line. So easy to get lost. So easy to get tossed by the wayside. That’s why I’m thanking god every single day for opening my eyes cuz,” exclaims Flawless. “I’m so blessed beyond belief. Getting past all the clouds man. What a relief. Put in the work stay on the grind. Focus in on what’s important in life. Family love health no stress. That’s why I’m thanking god every single day. Cuz I’m blessed c’mon,” he concludes.

“Blessings” tells you pretty much all you need to know of what’s important in life, and the lyrics are immediate and impactful, so really it’s hard to miss anything in the message. The key of course is in the chorus, which carries a cautionary statement: “Y’all didn’t believe in us when we was down so don’t come round when we up. Didn’t give it up was down on luck we focused up until we came up. Now we got blessings.” There’s no need for subtlety when the truth is so hard-hitting.

What perhaps makes “Blessings” so effecting is how its profound seriousness is smartly disguised by its smooth and enchanting sound and the mesmerizing vocal performances – both sung and rapped.

“Perfectly I’mperfect” cover artwork

The rich but mellow production leaves plenty of room for you to revel in the lyricism, the message, and Flawless, laid back and hypnotic flow. The fact that he can make you think about life’s forever ongoing complexities, with renewed vigor and commitment, makes it clear what a supreme talent he has.

In the process of listening to “Blessing”, we were graced with a chance of hearing the track “Let’s Go” ft. Diamonique x Sean Kingston, which will feature on the upcoming “Perfectly I’mperfect” album.

There’s an immediately gripping sound to “Let’s Go” while Flawless brings color out in his rhymes to keep the momentum on this track moving. His features, who really twist things interestingly, superbly aid him. Combined, they all give the cut an urgent, trendy and ultra-modern aesthetic.

“Let’s Go” ft. Diamonique x Sean Kingston is an absolute earworm. After two or three spins you’ll be totally hooked to it sticky choruses and rhythmic groove. All of which proves that while Flawless is anchored by the enviable qualities of vintage rap, in essence, he knows exactly how to ride the genre’s new wave of sonic formulas.

The upcoming album “Perfectly I’mperfect”, promises to be Flawless’ best work to date – a tapestry of lyrical thoughtfulness and a variety of voices, all over a series of stunning beats.

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