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Influenced by artists like Run DMC, E-40, Tech N9ne, Metallica and Linkin Park, Fluid is 2x My Music Block TV Award Winner. Growing up he was inspired by music from an early age –from hymns to nursery rhymes and jazz – he began rapping in middle school. He subsequently took music lessons in high school and went on to perform at several talents shows, launching his career as a spectacular rapper with style, both on and off the stage. Fluid has since created his own musical path, and is involved in a number of projects – from a virtual reality series, to collaborative projects with other Bay Area rappers such as Cleetus Kasiody, and an artist from Brooklyn named Rawmel. The talented rapper, who has won various awards within the San Francisco Bay Area the past 2 years, is also completing his solo EP project “Fluitopia”.

More importantly Fluid is riding high with the two singles he released earlier this year – “Land Of The Free” and “Major Leaguez”. This latter track is incredibly engaging, thanks to agile, confident rhymes, and incredibly malicious, sleek production work.

The song benefits from a unique, rock-influenced, rap backdrop, where Fluid continues to flex his machine-gun flow, never missing a beat. His rhyming skills are in full force, and it’s nothing short of a blessing.

As hellish as it may sound, “Major Leaguez” has ample heavenly sounding moments. The overdriven guitars and twinkling pianos, are superb musical touches. Fluid brings a dense vocabulary which complements the production, while showing he has the skill to twist his words and dance around the beat. He flexes his ability to speed up and slow down multiple times in only a couple lines, and when he slows it down, he makes sure to enunciate each syllable with equal care.

It’s no surprise that Fluid’s lyrical versatility is the best thing about “Major Leaguez”. The song is literally packed to the brim with lyrical excellence. Fluid has a lot of great characteristics as a rapper. He’s often a brilliant writer, he has a great flow, a good delivery, and has a vibrant energy about him. Moreover, if you dig into his songs, you can find that they have purpose and meaning to them, which is a refreshing trait that many rappers nowadays don’t have anymore.

One more thing that is very noticeable is that Fluid will do anything to keep you interested, which is why a track like “Major Leaguez” is loaded with effects and goodies that maintain the soundscape dynamic. Be that vocal effects or instrumental interludes.

So the bottom line is that Fluid is very different than many rappers you have heard before. Whether it’s in lyrical themes, beats, flow, or vocal approach Fluid always has something in every aspect that makes him unique.

So as you can see, there are a number of reasons he’s reaching glory, sheer talent is certainly among them. Fluid is a true embodiment of how an independent artist should be building and cultivating his craft from the ground up.

Connect with Fluid on IG: @fluid001 – YouTube: fluid420
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