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On the standout single “Loose Control / American Way”, G.E. Holliday delivers one of the most affecting vocal performances of his career over an all-embracing pop soundscape. The song’s lyrics are direct, and the catchiness belies its sensual melancholy, a sophisticated combination that’s a testament to Holliday’s morass of emotions processed in a linear fashion. On this song, the singer-songwriter navigates these emotions in a way that captures the experience of being caught in a swirl of mesmerizing euphoria.

“Loose Control / American Way” displays the grandeur of a pop ballad, with a swooning ear-worm of a chorus and lyrics that tenderly reflect on love, and with a maturity that comes only with hindsight. The song never edges into schmaltz, and is full of surprises, including a brief but fiery guitar solo that’s so well integrated into the mood of the song, it’s easy to overlook.

G.E. Holliday’s distinct brand of Pop, Rock and R&B consistently draws from these genres, as well as embraces exciting elements from classic bygone eras. “Loose Control / American Way” crystallizes the qualities that made 80’s and 90’s pop music legendary, while advancing that trademark sound into the trap-infected era.

G.E. Holliday is writing some of the finest melodies and the most sensitive lyrics of his recent output. The track fluctuates beautifully between an airy, melodic rhythm with soft electronic keys and a steady drum tempo with a beat that bangs, keeping listeners on their toes.

“Loose Control / American Way” makes for an interesting listen, and as a project contains some of the artist’s finest moments on record. This is a soulful ballad of immense beauty that captures G.E. Holliday at his majestic best vocally.

G.E. Holliday succeeds in pushing out a project unlike that of any of he’s contemporaries, and it’s also interesting to view this single through the lens of his other releases.

He has teetered between a dark mystique to a more palatable, commercialized style, allowing listeners to journey through his different sounds on each subsequent release. “Loose Control / American Way” serves to cement his eclectic forward-looking vision, as well as his fascination with classic sounds.

On the whole, with “Loose Control / American Way”, G.E. Holliday might just have produced his best studio single yet. The track lets listeners know from the start what they’re getting into, as Holliday manages to combine slick production with a top-notch vocal performance full of power and emotion that translates into a captivating listen.

All up, this is an artist who knows his strengths and plays to them well. I can’t think of any other artist right now, who is able, or even caring enough, to bring back these magical sounds with such authority and authenticity. G.E. Holliday is a one of a kind artist who transcends musical genres and eras.


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