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What impresses me the most about the EP “Humble Plays” is that, in a time where trap music is so over saturated and formulated, Ghumble was able to deliver with a very well-crafted project. Every song sounds different, and they all feel like they fit within the EP’s loosely tied theme. The rapper and singer absolutely crushes his verses and hooks. Ghumble’s songwriting talent is also impressive. Instead of creating repetitive party tracks, he provides storytelling mixed with a trap style for his songs, and it works well.

The question I always like to ask when looking into a project critically is: before examining the content, how does it actually sound when listening to it? I’m very happy to say that “Humble Plays” is just one banger after another. It’s very easy to listen to this entire EP with the intention of listening to one or two songs. Ghumble has something special that many artists today seem to lack. He can take any beat, write a very catchy hook, and turn the song into an earworm.

“Humble Plays” is just absolutely loaded with songs that I guarantee will get stuck in your head.  The opener “Fasho” hits all the marks to make an amazing track. Ghumble has an incredibly unique and smooth cadence on a majority of this EP, but sets the bar high right from the start. Here he rolls in with a nuanced flow, riding an atmospheric beat embellished with resonating bass echoes, and shimmering keys.

“Cooling” ebbs and flows alongside skittering hi-hats and a head nodding rhythm. Ghumble introduces his rich baritone, rapping with a steadily metered pace, switching his pitch up and down, to introduce urgency and emotion when needed. If you’re looking for a new melodic rap track with serious bars, this is it. The track show off Ghumble’s unique sound and how he differentiates himself from other artists who grind in the same genre.

The EP flaunts plenty of mainstream appeal with hints of immense potential when it becomes more thoughtful, gritty and shows off Ghumble’s knack for songwriting. Case in point, “Better Days”. As his vocals and his flow build up, there’s an increased amount of intensity; and when the slow-burning beat drops, it’s pretty incredible. Ghumble once again showcases different flows and expressive vocals.

The harmonization on “Tell Me” is so beautiful, and shows that Ghumble has the potential for languorous, even sweet, song craft when he puts his mind to it. It is also clear that Ghumble is his own rapper, taking pieces from a variety of influences and experiences to combine them into his own idiosyncratic style of melody and rhyme. His voice is his instrument, and he uses it to keep things fresh. The change in tone and the switched up melody keeps us listening throughout.

The key thing for Ghumble on a project like “Humble Plays”, is to be catchy while bringing the soulful vibes – which is exactly what he does. The project shows that Ghumble possesses all the tools to carve out his own lane successfully. Sonically, he can easily shift moods between engrossing and easy-listening. His flow, lyrics and tone make him a compelling candidate in the game.


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