Greg Smith – ‘Waiting for the Truth’ – both hopeful and world-weary

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‘Waiting for the Truth’ is the brand new single, taken off the 2019 album of the same name, by Americana singer-songwriter Greg Smith. Greg hails from Savannah, GA, and most of his sounds come together with grace, over acoustic strums and laid-back vocals. It’s all very clean, well-balanced, and to the point. It’s pleasant, not chaotic — and brings memories of revelatory experiences. The truth, the right girl, the right sound, all of it, Greg Smith suggests, is somewhere out there.

“Patience never makes a sound / Given our pursuit / Spend our days rehearsing / While waiting for the truth.” Carved carefully into the center of ‘Waiting for the Truth’ is record about sentiment and emotion. Wielding chugging percussion, vibrant strings, and an acoustic guitar, Smith reins in and polishes his sound just enough, yet knows the precise moment to let it return to wandering.

‘Waiting for the Truth’ begins with sparse piano that builds to a release of jangled, bright guitar, and a lightweight, but trotting beat. But what’s more impressive is that at no point is this the least bit cheesy, which is due largely to the sound that Greg Smith has crafted, that perfectly suits his stellar songwriting.

It is in the truest sense an independent effort; Smith composed, arranged, produced, and played the song all by himself. His boundless worldly music brings forth transcendental themes of contemplative love and longing. I instantly fell in love with his ability to transform the myriad emotions of the world around him into a boundless epic of persevering hope.

Greg Smith’s music is not the sounds of the urban jungle – frenetic and artificially fueled – but rather reflective of the natural sunlight, a warm enveloping sound that fills your heart with unbridled hope. Smith is also lucky to be blessed with such an understated emotive voice, both hopeful and world-weary, which befits many of his songs, not least ‘Waiting for the Truth’.

The instrumentation is beautiful, meshing violins, percussion, drums, bass and guitars into a beautiful blanket of sound. The lyrics are simple, but they are poetic simple, having a great depth beyond face value. Though he obviously has very sturdy folk-Americana roots, Greg Smith has found his own style.

Every once in a blue moon, an artist jumps out at you with an album so authentic, honest and unexpected, it reignites your passion for music. For months, you may have been wading through the same EDM, indie rock, hip-hop or whatever. But this new song, and artist, brings something very tasteful to the table.

It enters all your playlists, you get it stuck on repeat and you recommend it to all your friends. Greg Smith is one of those artists, and ‘Waiting for the Truth’ is one of those songs. From start to end, Greg Smith takes listeners back to a simpler time, when music was all about storytelling and pure sounds.


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