“Hands Up!” – Oiki never musically lingers in one place too long

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If you enjoy listening to anything within the EDM genre, then you will most likely love “Hands Up!”, the latest release by Miami producer Oiki. I honestly had never heard of Oiki until seeing the zany music video on Youtube for his trap-induced track, “Groove”, out on Dubpolice Records.

“Hands Up!” is an absolutely perfect production with enough breakdowns and build-ups to take you on a rollercoaster ride. Masterful in its execution and a true sonic onslaught of blissful melody and hard-hitting dance floor-shaking beat.


Oiki makes creative use of electronic sounds. “Hands Up!” is like a constantly morphing aural sculpture resulting in a totally addictive experience and surpassing my expectations The track also has a Punjabi-styled flavor injected into it; giving the song an added exotic appeal.

Again, Oiki’s production and mixing are great. This track is even more energetic and dancier than his previous releases. While containing advanced and dizzying audio manipulation and edits, “Hands Up!” maintains a simple musical body lacking in most of today’s EDM.

I have now listened to this track several times so far and noticed Oiki’s amazing ability to introduce melody, then somehow completely withdraw what we think the melody is while, almost like the melody is being implied. Amazing stuff.

One of the other things I appreciate about Oiki is that he never, musically lingers in one place too long. While the skills developed in his earlier works is apparent, “Hands Up!”  is not a re-hashing of anything he has done before. I’m not sure what it is about Oiki’s music, but there is always some sort of extra richness in the textures and sound quality. From start to finish, this work was clearly masterly crafted, no details left unattended.

Above all, though, “Hands Up!”  feels filled with good intention which fuels the whole track; all the creating and crafting would mean nothing if the intention is only for profit or artistic ego. “Hands Up!” feels like it was produced by Oiki with the interest of the listening (or rather dancing) audience in mind!






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