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HoodLife Muzik is an independent rap artist, CEO and Founder of Black Nation Global, from BHam/Tuscaloosa AL. He started rapping at the age of 8, influenced by family members who also rap. Over the years HoodLife Muzik established a large catalog of hits. After a fresh reset back in 2019, he is finally ready to make his independent music career come to life. His latest release is the 6 track EP “9 God”. The rapper’s new project was highly anticipated and has delivered. On it, Hoodlife Muzik raps over complete and refined production with confidence and finesse. He brings vibes, moods and messages that will satisfy all fans.

Hoodlife Muzik’s non-stop style on “9 God” sounds like the hip-hop bridge between the modern, melodic rap scene and traditional rap subcultures that only capable and versatile artists are able to cross. On the opening title track, it’s as if Hoodlife Muzik only needs one breath to get through two verses.

To go with his rapping prowess, he has a deep and raspy pitch to his voice that smooths out any of the tracks’ rougher edges. The EP has production that is compact, but that hones in inspiration from all over the map.

“Ian Goin Back” has an unforgettable flute sample that lends way to a throbbing bassline, and a mesmerizing flow from Hoodlife Muzik. Standout trap-inspired track “Broken Love” features a soulful hook delivery by LaNita and is coupled with Hoodlife Muzik’s sing-song inspires verses.

“9 Ether” rides on another ethereal flute motif while the rapper showcases a fiery set of rhymes. Hoodlife Muzik comes in with his insane mood-inducing flows, killer verses, and emotional lyricism.

Though Hoodlife Muzik never once needs to raise his powerful to a scream, most of EP is forceful and full of adrenaline, due to the epic tones and textures of the rapper’s voice. “Tha Luv Drug” is a great exercise in Hoodlife Muzik’s singing and rapping talents, as he shows prowess in both. He is also ably assisted by Jonie who handles the melodic hook.

This song, and every other song on the EP, feels like a chapter in a film, narrated by Hoodlife Muzik. In fact, no matter what song you shuffle to, Hoodlife Muzik delivers his bars with syncopated precision, heart and savvy.

The EP closes with the mesmeric, socially and politically conscious lyricism of “Who Seeking Knowledge”. It’s the right song to close out the project because it leaves fans with one of the most impressive exhibitions of skill and consciousness on the recording.

Purely from a stylistic perspective, this is a track that that you have to max out the volume on when you press play. The beat, the harmonious backing vocals, and Hoodlife Muzik’s deep-thinking philosophy in the verses, forge a song that is a delight for the ears, mind and soul.

Being relatable is an attribute that many talented acts simply don’t have. They make great music, but lack the ability to connect with the listener on any level. This is not an, issue for Hoodlife Muzik, who articulates his emotions and thoughts easily across “9 God”.

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Live in the Studio “9 God” promo from BNG WRLD on Vimeo.

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