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Hro Palyan is an up and coming Armenian-American Hip Hop artist based in Granada Hills, CA. His journey into a musical career started during childhood when he learned how to play the electric guitar. Hro’s older brother was influential in introducing him to the world of rap and hip-hop and to fellow artists who encouraged him to learn music production tools like Fruity Loops, Reason, and Pro Tools. Influenced by the likes of Dre, Eminem, Xzibit, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dog, Tupac, Naz, Jayz, Dmx, Hro used the production tools as a coping mechanism that allowed him to express himself, and deal with issues in his life. His singles “Sick Freaks” and “White China,” both featuring “The Palyans,” have been well received by his fanbase.

One crucial source of Hro Palyan’s appeal is the striking contrast between the smooth, after-midnight seductiveness of his river-deep baritone and the pointed sharpshooting of his streetwise lyrics. Hro’s narratives may be blunt and cynical, but his voice makes even the harshest bit of cutting commentary sound smooth.

His smooth blend of dick-grabbing swagger and R&B seduction, alongside his hard-nosed alternative flavors, scores many transcendent moments throughout his music catalog.

Hro Palyan’s hypnotic voice dominates the single, “White China”, giving the drug-dripping narrative, an almost sophisticated air of blunted sonic perfection. It’s important to note that even though Hro is in style with modern trends, sonically, he isn’t making elevator music.

There’s some serious meat on his records. They stick. He’s not sacrificing himself to cater to a fickle audience. He says what he wants, how he wants, without giving one damn about what anyone thinks. He’s a unique, necessary music figure in the genre, and “White China” solidifies that.

The fine line between using and legitimizing explicit language, is crossed with ease throughout, as Hro Palyan never hesitates to get his point home. Even if you’re the sensitive kind, all of this is easy to ignore, as tunes like “White China” are so addictively slick, smooth and irresistible.

Add the fact that Hro is such an intriguing figure that, you can forgive him damn near everything. A statement of intent and identity, “White China”, is hooky and brilliant enough for you to put aside all your puritan quibbles, and let everything wash over you in a wave of sonic euphoria.

On “White China”, Hro Palyan takes his vocal talent and makes a musically excellent and entertaining track with caustic lyricism and a quality beat. His style can probably be described as a shining example of mixing singing and rapping in the same vocal delivery.

This originality and diversity of vocal style with respect to his contemporaries, amounts to very accessible music with a massive amount of playback value. Hro Palyan has one of the most unusual and original flows in the hip hop game, and has the ability to pump out original and creative hardcore rhymes and hooks.

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