Israel Roig – ‘Nadie sabe nada’ – captures the feelings that many deep-thinking people have!

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The new single, ‘Nadie sabe nada’ by Spanish singer-songwriter and musician, Israel Roig, based in the province of Zaragoza is a record burrowed deep into the questioning, and confusing turmoil that has been created by the pandemic and the subsequent vaccine therapy. This is a back-to-simplicity, bare-it-all rock n’ roll work, showcasing the most bold and sensible Roig you have ever encountered. The single will form part of the upcoming album, to be entitled ‘¿Para cuándo el Rock’n’Roll?’ (For when is Rock’n’Roll?).

‘Nadie sabe nada’ (Nobody knows anything) is underpinned by the thumping drive of the drums, courtesy of  Carlos Gómez “El Muchacho”, and the stabs of electric bass by Fernando Rossi – both ex-members of a youth band which included Israel Roig. The sound recalls the infectiously melodic AOR rock of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s AM radio, a role that Roig seems to slide into with comfort.

Striking the perfect balance between the resonant ring of the guitar and Israel Roig’s ability to bring you to your knees with a turn of phrase, this track demands to be replayed and savored. On ‘Nadie sabe nada’, the words are plain, open, and direct in their outpouring: “The expert who gives his opinion on television does not know. Neither does the neighbor hanging clothes on the balcony lines. There is nothing about it in the information services. Nor does it have a place in the usual forms of communication. Nobody knows what is happening. Not even I am clear. Nobody knows anything. Not even you and I.”

You don’t need to be a genius to unravel Roig’s lyrical dilemma, as he lays it out clearly. We are thrown tons of information from the mainstream media and so-called experts, when in reality nobody really knows where this situation will lead us, and what impact all the overnight cures will eventually have on our lives.  As a songwriter all Israel Roig has, is honesty, and at times it feels like an uncomfortable read for those who do not like to ask too many questions.

‘Nadie sabe nada’ chugs along with an easy groove and shimmering guitar lines that sparkle and reverberate under Israel Roig’s crystal clear vocals. It’s these textures that give the song a sense of depth and space from the lyrical frankness and singer-songwriter formula.

Roig’s voice is the central vacuum to this record, having an infectious pull on the melody. He candidly transforms his despair with the current situation into a work of stunning and ironic immediacy that inspires.

Ultimately, Israel Roig delivers a fantastic single with ‘Nadie sabe nada’.  He authentically captures the feelings that many deep-thinking people have about the current global situation. Mostly, it’s Roig’s eminently listenable voice and his succinct way with words that make this track work, but right behind him is a solid energy-driven backdrop that captures the essence of what it means to be a rock n’ roller with an enquiring mind!


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