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Brooklyn Park native and East Lansing local, Jay Príme premiered his project ‘Pardon My French’, a couple of months ago. In the era of untalented, unoriginal clones and sound-a-likes, Jay brings originality and substance. So if you’ve become disenchanted with the modern hip-hop scene this album should quench your thirst for quality hip-hop. Jay delivers lyricism, flow and charisma throughout the recording. He can go from a mix of cocky braggadocios rhymes to full frontal introspection. Consistency, charisma, and technicality, it’s all built into this album. A natural storyteller, Jay captures the entire spectrum of emotion here.  Now off the collection, comes the single “Switch”, which is also the final track on the recording.

Hip-Hop artists traditionally play on the balance of two shining facets – one side is the flossy rapper and the other is the pensive lyricist. We’ve seen this skill being perpetrated by the likes of Jay-Z, Nas, and ultimately Drake and J. Cole. Now, with Jay Príme we see another artist expand his horizons into multi-dimensions.

“Switch” is less about beating his chest over his lyrical dexterity and more about highlighting the various angles to his style. Here Jay goes into melody mode, with a sing song style, quite unlike the other tracks on the album.

Most artists struggle with creating a reasonable message embedded inside the backdrop of a radio-friendly or club-viable beat, but Jay Príme does so with finesse on “Switch”. He knows how to tailor his rhymes to exactly what he’s trying to say.

His melodic, calm vocals bristle with confidence and sheer swagger, not feeling forced but filled with creative zest. The sparkling, airy beat spilled into the track creates a clean, classy atmosphere that feels like an introduction to a lavish night out on the town amongst the bright lights.

Gleaming with brightening keys, hissing hi-hats and thumping basslines, “Switch” is a sparkling affair that is ready to freshen up the rap scene. If this had a cleaner version, it would definitely carve out some serious radio play time, as Jay Príme ushers in a beat that shimmers throughout its almost 3 minute run-time.

It’s a great example of Jay’s propensity to warm and catchy instrumentation within his songs, giving a note of much-needed musicality in a genre currently over-saturated with less ambitious tracks.

Your ears receive fantastic production and further proof that Jay Príme is allowed to be in the discussion with the best rappers in the modern underground game. Jay has never sounded more consistent and carefully orchestrated, while ‘Pardon My French’ serves as his rite of passage into being one of rap’s potentially lethal contenders.

Furthermore, “Switch”, is a well-rounded track from an artist who seems ready to fight tooth and nail to achieve his position in Hip-hop. It’s about time he receives for what he is working hard to earn.



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