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Jerome Bell has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people on stage in his role as “Seaweed J. Stubbs” in the Broadway hit musical ‘Hairspray’ but is best known from his recent appearance as a top 40 semi-finalist on American Idol Season 10. Since his run on the FOX reality competition series, he has also performed at the 66th Annual Tony Awards. A Texas-native, Jerome now resides in NYC where he is making a name for himself as a singer-songwriter, and winning over crowds with his live performances.

Jerome Bell
Jerome Bell

“Burn Easy” is Jerome Bell’s brand new Caribbean-themed single release. The track, now available on iTunes and other digital download platforms, was written by Josh Tobias and produced by GC Castillo.

Jerome is a talented young gentleman who has charisma, stage presence, musical chops and a soulful voice. Bell and his production crew maintain a mastery of crafting a good pop song. “Burn Easy” effortlessly blends in-vogue genres, marrying a modernized reggae vibe in the verse with an almost ska-and-pop-like chorus.

The main hook, surrounded by stabbing guitars and an effortlessly grooving bassline, is delightfully catchy on this track. It’s so well written to fit today’s charts perfectly, that I can already hear in my head, the self-assured drawl of the local radio presenter, as the closing beats fade out into the next song in their looping 20-minute playlist that will define pop music for the summer of 2017.

The rhythm and melody is infectious, with a lush, rich production and a tasty middle eight dispensing the adequate pizzazz to prevent it becoming underwhelming, cheesy or too repetitive.

The sheer enjoyability of the song does have a lot to do with the pristine production, but the vocal performance from Jerome Bell, steals the show quite often. So, though behind Bell there is a grade-A instrumental, it’s the voice that emphasizes the uplifting fun that the track embodies.

In a year that has so far failed to live up to the standards set when it comes to clean, feel-good songs for the pop charts, “Burn Easy” is a diamond in the rough.

“Burn Easy” is a good investment for fans of catchy pop, and even then, more discerning listeners may be pleasantly surprised with occasional hints of brilliance and real depth in Bell’s voice. All in all, Jerome Bell is growing as an artist, and not counting his prestigious achievements already acquired; this track suggests that he might have a very promising musical journey ahead of him.


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