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Guitarist, singer-songwriter and music producer of Venezuelan origin, Joemayk, who currently resides in Madrid (Spain), has released his latest single entitled “Lost Paradise”. The track is available in both English and Spanish. Joemayk has a great rock sound and catchy songs, and is truly one of the more original yet approachable indie-rock artists out there. If you liked his previous records, you’ll like the new one. I wondered how he would follow up on his EP, “Animal Soul” with its dose of furiously played melodic rock, with its perfect balance of rawness and musicality. Now I have the answer. You can expect resonant and high-rising vocals, catchy choruses, crunchy angular guitars, and a driving drum beat.

After his nearly-perfect EP, Joemayk had to really come out swinging to make an impression with his follow-up release. In my opinion, he couldn’t have done it any better. The impact of “Lost Paradise” will definitely help establish Joemayk as an influence within the underground indie rock community. The track will cement him as a representation of guitar rock revivalism.

It has an identity of its own, and this identity is most visible in its songwriting.  As soon as the guitars and banging drums start off the track, Joemayk unabashedly moves forward, takes center stage and never stops. It’s one of the reasons why this record feels so invigorating. Its congruity and tenacity are emblematic of the artist himself.

The drums is integral to its pacing, too, never using the beat for showmanship but instead as a base for the music to return to. Joemayk lyrics are some of the strongest moments of the record, so they’re worth considering in the track’s context. “Lost Paradise” is an adrenaline-fueled head-rush of precision-perfect rock about a modern romantic life.

The track keeps rolling like a locomotive, with bright vocals, and that riff swimming about in your head. The bass-line and the chorus are equally the high standard stuff on this track, as it pushes it farther and farther to achieve the best conclusion possible. The harmonies and shimmering keys, wraps things up perfectly.

Rather than simply thrashing around, the music is mature and melodic, while retaining a clever indie-rock sensibility. Joemayk’s singing, when accompanied with the right instrumentation, as it is here, makes him sound fresh and cutting-edge. “Lost Paradise” does just what Joemayk intended it to: exist on its own terms in an electronic world.

Although it’s important to consider what came before it, it’s a track with a character distinct from Joemayk other releases. It also helps strengthen the guitar-rock movement, as mentioned before, and that’s a feat that shouldn’t go unacknowledged.

So the overall question is: should you grab a copy of this? Hell, yes. It’s an indie-rock gem rarely found in the modern music world. If you want an introduction to Joemayk, my suggestion would be to start right here. “Lost Paradise” is the rare track you could imagine rocking college radio and storming barricades of mainstream charts.



Lost Paradise:

Lost Paradise Spanish Version (Paraiso Perdido):





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