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Rising out of the gritty underground of New Orleans rap scene, Kahbay is a new emerging rapper, who has released a mixtape through his own music company – Greater New Orleans Sound. His music is regularly played around major venues in New Orleans, with Kahbay himself performing numerous times at the legendary Blue Nile. Spending much of his childhood around local parades and live bands he has been captivated by the craft since the very beginning. Now tackling global markets with his own personal sound and style, Kahbay recently dropped his single “Cayenne Pepper Boy”.

Right from the outset, the lyrics in “Cayenne Pepper Boy” make for a bombardment of sensory detail. When Kahbay speaks, it feels like he’s giving a part of himself (and a variety of emotions) to the listener. It is a superb song, summing up the artistic integrity of the artist. Stepping away from the usual generic rap tracks, Kahbay provides a realistic and sincere depiction of his craft. It’s a level of honesty listeners will come to appreciate from him.

It’s a work that displays what makes Kahbay an important voice in today’s underground New Orleans rap scene. Whether it’s through his flexing lyrics, or the bombastic mix of his production. Kahbay is an artist that writes entertaining stories with vibrant templates. “Cayenne Pepper Boy” is a flamboyant and banging addition to Kahbay’s catalog, the type that should keep listeners excited for the next installment in his book of urban stories.

Kahbay means “Cayenne Pepper Boy” to be a definitive statement and he really deserves the attention for it. Regardless of his peers in his ear and all sorts of influences around him, Kahbay seems to have concocted his own identity in the middle of the fray. Carrying the torch for the New Orleans indie music scene forward into the future, and spouting rhymes as tight as knots, it’s clear that Kahbay would bleed rap if he could.

Kahbay is tapping into the Louisiana scene whilst refusing to dilute his own style, the result is incredibly original affair. A high-energy showcase for the rapper’s dynamic, ever-changing flow. There’s certainly something special about him, and his undeniable charisma and charm is probably what will make him a favorite. The lyrics roll off Kahbay’s tongue, like a ball on fire rolling down a hill. Plus the music is right, and the booming brass-filled beat is tight on “Cayenne Pepper Boy”.

Despite being swept up in a tide of too many new rap releases daily, Kahbay has the kind of recognizable loudmouthed flow to push up above water and come in to the shore. The rapper knows that he holds a winning hand: a fiery talent combined with the skills to put out his own tracks. Playing purely on his own terms, and backed by the self-owned Greater New Orleans Sound, Kahbay is getting ready to take his full throated flow to the next level.

From the groundbreaking, internationally recognized Cash Money and No Limit record labels to the strong currents of underground hip-hop and street rap that sustain the tradition, New Orleans has been a recognized hip-hop locale since the 1990s, and artists like Kahbay are making sure that legacy does not go to waste.


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