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Knee High Fox is an alt/rock/electronic band based out of Los Angeles, California. They are fronted by Krsy Fox, with Simon Nagel on bass, Sam Bam Koltun on guitar, and Harley Dewinter on drums. The band formed in 2011 and released their debut single ‘Black Widow’ in February of 2013 exclusively with Revolver Mag. Renowned for their intense live shows and powerful visuals, Knee High Fox has since grown a core fan-base and followed their debut the EP ‘Unknown Skeleton’ in 2014 and their first full length album ‘Obey The Cross’ in October of 2015. They also dropped a 2 song EP entitled ‘Burning Down The Steeple’ in 2017. Now 2018 sees the band push to the fore with their most ambitious release to date – the 8 track album “Jawbreaker”. The album seriously points to dark cult 90’s movies like ‘The Craft’, ‘Jawbreaker’, ‘Foxfire’, ‘Girl Interrupted’, and ‘American Beauty’, which has always been singer Krsy Fox’s obsession.

As mentioned previously, there is no doubt that Knee High Fox’s visual presentation has become a large part of their appeal, with stunning video production and numerous intriguing thematic changes. But without quality songs to match the stunning visuals, fans would quickly lose interest. Hence “Jawbreaker” adds several more compelling tracks to their catalog.

Krsy Fox has an outstanding voice with a lot of power and texture, and when unleashed is a potent force – which is exactly what the band do on the opening track “Witch”. Allowing Krsy the freedom to move between soaring melody and bloodcurdling screeching. And at this point, she becomes unstoppable for the rest of the album!

“Those Girls” is audaciously titillating, as if spun by a hardcore version of Depeche Mode and a gritty Lady Gaga, which, in reality, would present one hell of a collaboration. Nothing is more powerful, than the extreme amount of emotion that vocalist Krsy Fox has placed in each lyric, and when she swoops full swing into “Relapse”, you can only listen with awe…the same way you did when you first heard 80’s rock legend Pat Benatar.

Fox is seriously on fire here. There can of course be no denying that the entire band rocks, and when they get stuck into the title track “Jawbreaker”, they take it to the limit, with changing tempos, starts and stops, as well as awesome chord progressions which keeps the adrenalin flowing throughout.

Another show stopper has to be “American Beauty”. Immersed in restraint and pompous power synths, Krsy Fox and the band weave a balance between atmospheric and anthemic that is simply transfixing. This song is my absolute favorite song on the album.

The passion here, is absolutely mind-blowing. An ethereal, otherworldly atmosphere permeates the opening to “Ladylike”, before grit, sass, and pummeling rhythm comes together to formulate what is guaranteed to become a fan favorite. It’s a fantastic track to keep the album rolling in the right direction.

 “Peephole” arrives just in time so you can catch your breath. It is sung to a mesmeric slow-burning beat, and one seriously seductive middle finger – which is one of Krsy’s most addictive quantities in all of her performances.

Subsequently, in a poignantly melting voice, Krsy Fox consumes the lyrics to “Lovefool”, an affecting cover of The Cardigans’ hit song, which closes the album. I think it’s a great choice to wind down and bring proceedings to an end. I cannot tell you how much you are going to love this album, but rest assured, I’ll be able to say I told you so once you hear it!


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