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A New York City native of both Afro-American and West African roots in his blood line, Leak Banga was born in the 90s to a teenage mother and immigrant father. Though Leak faced adversity and overcame many challenges, he had a love for, but decided that music was his true calling. Moving forward, he was able to not only graduate High School but obtain his Bachelor’s degree as an independent artist with the help of his 50 Bandz Music Group. He acquired a variety of useful media skills, such as Production, Audio Engineering, Video/Photography, Editing, and much more.

Leak Banga is currently making waves with his single and video “Time of Your Life”, together with SiinKilla. It doesn’t take long for the intro to thaw away as the track instantly draws the listener in with a hypnotic piano and rumbling bassline that sets the tone for the rest of the track. The song begins with totally honest lines from Leak Banga, capturing the kind of raw sincerity that one might expect from somebody who desires another.

Open-hearted lyrics and some impressive free-flowing melodic notes from Leak Banga starts the track off strong. Though outspoken and explicit in his approach, the artist, through his writing, sidesteps the usual misogynistic tendencies of hip-hop for the most part, which should win him a dedicated fan-base. Unafraid to share his feelings, the artist doesn’t filter his sentiments, throwing an intense focus on his sensitive lyricism.

SiinKilla’s higher-pitched piercing voice, provides the perfect counterpoint to Leak Banga smooth vocal delivery, whether he’s singing or rapping. Obviously Leak is not one to collaborate purely for the sake of collaborating, and here, he’s clearly chosen to work with an artist who compliments his own style. Together, the pair sing and rap about the sexual and emotional intimacy that the most exiting relationships can nurture, throwing up unusually positive verses in the process.

Proving that his honest approach to songwriting extends beyond the genre’s regular tropes, Leak Banga delivers the kind of earnest intensity that sets him apart from his peers. He is able to show us flashes of hard-hitting bars and melodic R&B croons. Unlike many of his peers and contemporaries, “Time of Your Life” relies less on gimmickry, and more on sharp delivery, smooth production and Leak Banga’s fluid vocals to carry it over the top.

Overall, “Time of Your Life” is a strong effort, and only raises expectations for the promising artist. Together with the smooth futurism of the beat and pace, Leak Banga’s voice is surreally magnetic. Clocking in at 4 minutes 20 seconds, this track is so smooth on the ear, that it may breeze by during the first listen, so give it a few spins to really capture your attention, allowing you to take in every emotion, vocal, beat and bar for the best possible experience.

Leak Banga has managed to outdo himself. Vocally and lyrically, this is one of the most captivating works he’s ever put out. Not an easy task, so that’s high praise!

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