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Luna, formally known as Lewisha Jeter and Lew to her family and friends, is an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. Luna’s debut single, “What Do You Want” houses shimmering, soulful vocals, and a brooding melody, a distinctive debut for one of R&B’s fresh new faces. Her smoldering vocals flutter over the slow burn of the deep 808 boom and finger-snapping beat. The whole atmosphere slowly draws you into a simmering pot of slow-tempo groove and emotive vocals.


Luna is asking questions, asserting her position and making point of view clear. Luna has the traits of an ideal pop package:  sensuality, persistence, an exotic look, even an impressive vocal range, all wrapped up in an alluring persona. Not to mention her ability to attract empathy towards her heartfelt narrative.

“What do you want from me? It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Answer the question, before I get it out of you,” sings Luna, clearly showing that she’s looking for the truth, and she is in no mood to fool around. “You’re an actor, yeah I see ya. You’re a liar, I don’t believe ya. But you stand here and you bother me. I just want to know what do you want from me, cause I’m done with you.”

The song heralds an essential new voice, one that coheres 100% with the modern thinking woman, who no longer is prepared passively succumb to bad relationships and unworthy partners.

“What Do You Want” pairs a New Age guitar with a slow drum thump and snap, letting Luna explore the pull between pain and artifice in the delusion of love. The song conveys both vulnerability and strength, as the story-line unfolds and the singer-songwriter unpacks her mindset.

Luna’s affecting voice and minimalist brand of R&B conjures various other female artists with single-name monikers, who coo, quiver and lap up syllables sensually. Luna’s voice is just as beguiling and winsome, but she seems hell-bent on proving that she is more than that. And the moments she artistically spells out her growing ambitions on “What Do You Want, is when she’s most convincing.

Luna obviously knows good music, which is why her sound is informed by voices past and present. However her inspiration probably comes from a place of appreciation, as opposed to imitation. Hence to compare Luna to others, is to do little justice to that the fact that she is, genuinely, an artist in her own right.


“What Do You Want” may only be her debut single, but it has the sound of an artist in control of her artistic vision. She’s talented, she’s hot, and according to the song lyrics, she won’t allow herself to be played by anyone. That’s one hell of a laudable way to start a recording career.

Her Story So Far: Although she was born in Long Beach, California, the majority of Luna’s life was spent in Spokane, Washington, where she lived with her mother, step-dad, and 5 siblings. Luna graduated early at the age of 16 years old as a junior and immediately started college at Indiana University South Bend in hopes to attend the Jacob Smith Music School in Bloomington.

In high school she participated in Show Choir, traveling between Indiana and Michigan performing, often receiving solos for the school’s shows. While attending college Luna was a foster care youth and later left Indiana to become emancipated.  Luna began writing poetry at the young age of 11, later those poems would become heartfelt songs. Participating in church praise dance and choir was the start of an amazing musical journey.



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