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“Dichotomy” is the debut project by Myleage T.R.L., an artist and one of the founding members on the Tirad Media Music Group, LLC. music label. An attorney, and member of the Georgia State Bar, Myleage T.R.L. brings political, social and personal themes, along with his knack for blending lyrical and melodic motifs smoothly, into his genre-busting soundscapes. Intelligent, direct, and emotive, this makes for a compulsive listen, with velvety soulful production and an elegant taste in guest voices.

“Bad Guy Business” serves as the first essential track with its powerful social overtones. Myleage T.R.L. digs deep and lays down his thoughts in no uncertain terms. “N.O.Y.B.” (Ft. Jayo) intoxicates the air with its slow-burning R&B tones.

Featuring beautifully lush production and a thumping kick drum, the rapper flows across the beat with a cool confidence and swagger as he puts his heart on his sleeve. A rapper suited to this specific blend of introspection and flamboyant passion, he thinks things through to their logical conclusions before they get there. That lands him steps ahead of the competition.

The best of this mood-inducing music comprises the entirety of “Wasted Time” (ft. Breana Marin), which leans into the performer’s strengths – a talking tenor that sinks into warm keys and soulful saxes, as subtly and effortlessly as his secret-weapon feature,  Breana Marin, currently the best female hook singer on this planet. Period.

Myleage T.R.L. moves into explicit territory on “Season Salt” (ft. P-Flow). It takes a much dirtier beat, infused with a guitar and bass hit, and drives up the energy while Myleage T.R.L. finds some penetratingly witty lines. It is one of the more captivating listens as the recording starts to hit its stride with unusual production and trippy writing.

Each subsequent track on “Dichotomy“, sounds like a natural progression from the previous cut. Hence “Don Flow” (Freestyle) sounds like a legitimate conclusion to the recording. Myleage T.R.L.  shows off his clever dirty wordplay, steadily working his way across the unusual horn lines and blown out bass.

This debut EP is tailored to elevate Myleage T.R.L. from promising upstart to legit rap artist, as it creatively captures his magic. The artist has packaged a batch of hand-picked gems into “Dichotomy“. There is electricity in Myleage T.R.L.’s flow, but no misplaced cockiness, as he floats almost on autopilot through these tracks.

The momentum flows through “Dichotomy” too, which features addictive, understated bounce that is as infectious as anything on the market. Myleage T.R.L. is so much more palatable than many of his contemporaries. He never overtly rants or raves, maintaining a linear perspective in his raps and tone, as the EP shows facets of his aspirations as an artist.

His ear for hooks is as sharp as they come; his gift for phrasing allows him to imbue his punchlines with undeniable sagacity and profundity; while the beat on each track matches his personal style and narrative. “Dichotomy” pushes the performances of the production right alongside the achievement of the narratives, making this an extremely captivating record, from whichever way you look at it!

Hook up with Myleage T.R.L. on his INSTAGRAM. Listen to, and download his music HERE.

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