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In a world where music is a salve for the soul, Night Writerz emerges as a captivating force, transcending genres and weaving sonic tales that resonate with the human experience. Formed amidst the chaos of the pandemic, Night Writerz have flourished, crafting over 100 original songs that traverse the vast landscapes of R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, and Rock. Their tireless dedication to creating music that resonates with people from all walks of life will propel them into the hearts of a global audience. Through their NWz Music brand, they cultivate a vibrant community of music lovers, united by their shared passion for remarkable tunes.

Night Writerz’s poignant debut single, “See You On The Other Side,” encapsulates the essence of their artistry and serves as a testament to the transformative power of music. The lead songwriter, haunted by the loss of a cherished loved one during his childhood, found solace in penning this heartfelt homage to his late granddad, a beacon of inspiration who departed this world two decades ago.

The song, gracefully embellished by the velvety, soul-stirring voice of a gifted female vocalist, unfolds with a tapestry of warm and lush keyboards, intertwining with skittering hi-hats and a steady mid-tempo beat. From the very first notes, “See You On The Other Side” beckons listeners on a contemplative journey, where personal memories converge with universal emotions.

As the opening chords ripple through the air, we are transported to a gathering of loved ones. It has been two decades since the songwriter’s grandfather departed, yet his presence lingers, permeating the memories of moonlit walks that stretched until dawn. The songwriter’s heart is a kaleidoscope of emotions, torn by remembrance and longing. In an act of profound love, he pours his emotions into every word and melody, hopeful that their souls will reconnect someday. The words weave a delicate tapestry of emotions, revealing the depths of loss and the enduring power of love.

The chorus erupts with an enchanting plea, echoing the songwriter’s fervent desire to reunite with his departed loved one on the ethereal shores of the beyond. “I hope I see you on the other side,” reverberates like a prayer, a yearning for a heartfelt reunion that transcends the boundaries of mortality. Through heartfelt repetition, Night Writerz underscore the yearning for that cherished smile, a radiant beacon of warmth and joy.

Time, relentless and unforgiving, unveils its immutable truth. The songwriter acknowledges the fleeting nature of existence, recognizing that time waits for no one. Yet, amidst the struggle to seize the moments and make them count, he finds himself at a crossroads of exhaustion. The weight of life’s burdens presses heavily upon him, tempting him to retreat. But he draws strength from the enduring spirit of his departed grandfather, emulating his ways, and embarks on a quest to become someone who honors their shared legacy. The songwriter’s journey echoes with a resounding truth—although his beloved grandfather’s physical presence may have faded, his stories continue to inspire, and his influence remains steadfast.

The chorus returns, building upon the foundation of longing and hope. With each repetition, Night Writerz kindle the flames of anticipation, igniting the fervent belief that one day, on the other side, their spirits will reunite. “I hope I see you on the other side,” they sing, voices intertwined in a harmonious plea that resonates with the very fabric of the human spirit.

In the final moments of “See You On The Other Side,” Night Writerz cast a reverent spell. The song’s essence crystallizes into an incantation, carried by the heartfelt refrain, “I hope I see you on the other side.” It is a moment of introspection, of profound vulnerability, and a gentle reminder that the cherished smile of a departed loved one remains etched in the tapestry of our hearts.

Night Writerz, under the luminous banner of NWz Music, beckon us to embark on a musical pilgrimage. Through their captivating melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, they bridge the chasms that divide us, creating a harmonious mosaic that resonates with the human experience. In their debut single, “See You On The Other Side,” Night Writerz weave a tale of loss, love, and hope, embracing the eternal power of music to illuminate the depths of our souls.

With their unwavering commitment to crafting fresh and exciting sounds, Night Writerz stand at the precipice of a musical revolution. Their melodies are a lifeline, their lyrics a vessel for shared experiences, and their passion an invitation to build a community united by the universal language of music. Let us embark on this melodic odyssey and join Night Writerz as they shape the soundtrack of our lives. Together, we shall discover the boundless possibilities that lie on the other side.


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