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OVRSN is an 18 year old, up and coming independent artist, from Brisbane. He has a slightly different and bolder overview of his career than most. “I don’t have a dream, but a plan, to be the future of the music industry,” states the artist, unabashedly.  Part of the plan, is his banging new single “Slide” ft. REN. Naturally gifted, OVRSN stands out from the pack thanks to a dynamic lower register that most rappers his age, just don’t have. Given time for his wordplay and storytelling to take another leap forward, he could very well be the next powerhouse in region.

“Slide” ft. REN is a record that maintains a chilling soundscape with its shimmering synths, rattling beat and bass blows. Throughout the project, OVRSN strikes a firm balance between braggadocio and gravity, accentuating his confrontational bars with attention-grabbing tones and flows. OVRSN possesses an abundance of every desirable artistic intangible – rapping with the charisma, confidence, and the creativity required to hold your attention at every turn.

The bouncy groove-inducing instrumental sound-tracking OVRSN words on “Slide” ft. REN, adds a satisfying new-school twist, unconsciously persuading listeners to roll up something strong and cool out, while they lend their ears to this jam. OVRSN’s sweeping skillset translates well over this beat selection, proving that should he has all the potential to be a future force in the game. Though never too intimidating or up in your face, you can feel the passion for his craft in each word.

“Ima slide for my crew, hold it down. Ima ride for my crew, got the whole game on lock. I ain’t never gonna stop til my body just drop. Ima pull my whole team up on top,” promises OVRSN, while the hook continues to inspire that promise: “Ain’t nobody gonna slide on us, we gonna make it to the top. Ain’t nobody gonna ride on us, we gonna make it til we drop. Ain’t nobody gonna shoot on us, we gonna make it til we pop…” With the poise of veterans, OVRSN and REN expertly build momentum for a firecracker of a song that’s just under three minutes long.

When OVRSN steps to the mic, you can feel it in your bones; his resonant vocal punts every bar through the speakers with force and clarity, creating a chillingly intimate atmosphere, with stadium-sized grandeur. OVRSN’s keen awareness of how to successfully employ his distinctive voice, is a major reason why this song is so infectious, while his lyrical content ensures listeners hang on every word just the same. OVRSN’s vocals feel effortless, casually uncovering new rhymes as he weaves his way through every bar.

The production on “Slide” ft. REN is intricately interwoven, with an assortment of sounds expertly laid on top of each other to create a fully-formed final product. OVRSN never shies away from experimenting with new sounds and textures, as evidenced by the songs in his catalog, showcasing the full range of his artistic potential. Ambitious, confident and flush with ability, OVRSN is working towards becoming the full package.


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